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Cell Phone Safety and Your Health

Cell Phone Safety and Your Health

Dr. Kasia Kines, Nutritionist, CEO and founder of EBV Educational Institute
Virtual clinic serving the US and globally
[email protected]

Think about how our phone use has evolved in the last 10 years. There is a great short report on cell phone risks from 2007 (that is a long time ago, when you think of technology development) that I shared in a different blog on EMF (click here to review that blog and watch that video).  This blog is all about cell phone safety and risks, but more importantly, about things you CAN do TODAY and moving forward in your daily use to minimize negative effects of cell phone use on your health.

(EBV: This article applies directly to anyone with EBV; check the above blog to see how and why)

Cell Phone Safety

By the end of 2013, at least 6 countries issued warnings to consumers to reduce cell phone exposure, especially in children.  Studies warrant caution.  Ten studies connect cell phone radiation to decrease in sperm count and sperm damage.  The World Health Organization has declared that cellphone radiation may be linked to brain cancer.

Brain tumor risks (glioma) starts at 260 hours cumulative, lifetime exposure.  Risks more than doubled when cellphones have been used for 10 years or longer with the side of the head, and 2000 or more hours of lifetime usage.  Risks are the highest for people between the ages of 20-29.  More studies are needed and cell phone manufacturers must disclose data about their devices and emissions in real-time conditions.  Visit for a list of 200 peer-reviewed studies, government advisories and industry documents.

The last time I held my I-phone next to my ear was …about a week ago, but my ear/mike piece is as prized as the phone itself, so I instantly put it in instead. Other than that, I stopped using the phone directly a long time ago, after I started to feel my hear heating up and feeling uncomfortable….I use teleconferencing with patients- so most of the time at least I avoid the direct exposure from the phone.

Cell Phones ~ Prevention of Over-exposure

Headset or speaker mode?

Use a headset like I do or speaker mode:  Some wireless headsets emit continuous, low level radiation so take them off between calls.  Speaker mode will help you reduce radiation.  If you can, use a landline phone when possible, especially for longer calls.  This is the least practical advice, however, I can give – we gave up a landline a long time ago. Few people still have them.

Pregnancy and small children

Do not use a cell phone when pregnant or carrying and infant.  Avoid wireless baby monitors, or place them more than 10 feet away from a baby’s crib.  According to studies, children’s brains absorb twice as much cell phone radiation as adults, so children should not really use cell phones at all.  Do not use the phone in the car with children in it. Radiation levels can be unacceptable in the back seat with the phone in the front. That detail really made me uneasy….

Where to keep your phone

Hold your phone away from your body when on the call:  The amount of radiation absorbed by the body and the head is reduced dramatically with even a small distance.  Even when using a headset, do not use your phone on a belt or pocket.

Signal quality matters for radiation

Only place calls when the signal is strong:  If you see low bars it means that the phone is working harder to broadcast the signal.  According to research, a poor signal increases the radiation significantly.

Texting is smart!

Text more, speak less:  Your cellphone will emit radiation when you speak rather than when you text.

No Bluetooth!

Avoid Bluetooth headsets that lead to chronic exposure.

Driving with your phone

Hang up, do not use when driving.  Avoid GPS if possible.  If you are driving in a rural area, the signal may be weaker, so turn your cell phone off; there are some studies reporting more brain tumors in rural areas perhaps because of the weaker signals.  Get a built-in hands free wi-fi jack for your car.

Talking while using a cell phone

Your brain activity may decrease as much as 37 percent while talking on a cellphone, affecting your driving attention.  Now there is a new law in WA preventing drivers from speaking on the phone while driving period. For a good reason. If we have an emergency, we have to pull over. Period.

The carrier

According to EWG.ORG, depending upon which carrier you use the cellphone radiation may be higher.  More studies will need to be carried out to determine if your carrier is emitting more radiation. I do not see the carriers being too interested in doing research and providing the results.

Dirty Phones

According to ABC News, cell phone may be carrying bacteria that can be harmful to your health.  Cleaning your cell phone after use reduces the numbers of contaminants that you are at risk of contacting.  I would imagine this would be especially important for immune-compromised, ill persons. Like my patients.


The Federal Communication Commission has been examining Specific Absorption Rate for Cell Phones (SAR).  A phone sold in the US cannot exceed 1.6 watts per kilogram.  Apple advises its customers to keep the phone 5/8 inch away from the body when using it.  There is even an app that tells the user that the phone is too near the head when using. I am not finding one in existence, but we will continue looking.

The Cell Phone Debate

Often tests that are conducted by government agencies are inconclusive as to the adverse effects of human health by cellphone usage.  But like the tests in the 50’s and 60’s about cigarette usage were inconclusive, additional tests should be conducted to determine adverse effects, according to the in 2014.

As a health care practitioner I urge my patients to do their own research on cell phones and their health.  There is a lot of information out there and patients would be well-advised to parse out the data to protect themselves and their families.  As with any new technology, the data is still relatively new and since cell phones are now an essential part of our lives, manufacturers have no incentives to do the due research for our protection.

More practical tools for decreasing your toxic exposure…

I offer a 30-Day Detox to the general public which outlines the concerns studies have shown as to cell phone usage as well as other toxins in the environment.  Taking a wholesale account of these toxins is paramount in building a healthy mind and body.  During the detox we examine ways in which these toxins can create havoc on the body and look at solutions on how to minimize their effects.  In the sessions which include weekly check-in sessions and videos from my detox manual, we explore alternatives to westernized health practices and look at ways patients can build their own network of health solutions.   I look forward to helping people overcome environmental toxins in their daily lives through sound health practices and solid research.

Dr. Kasia Kines, Nutritionist, CEO and founder of EBV Educational Institute
Virtual clinic serving the US and globally
[email protected]


  1. Posted on September 14, 2017 at 12:33 PM by CS

    To anyone intent on reducing emf, a corded landline is essential. Cellphone can be used for emergencies or travel. No need to keep cellphone on at night, if you have a landline, ensuring more restful (and safer) sleep.
    EMF is being produced anytime the phone is on, so texting does produce emissions but because phone is not close to body, it’s not as harmful.

  2. Posted on September 14, 2017 at 12:36 PM by CS

    p.s. Really appreciated the information about phone safety around children, including baby monitors. The information about cellphones causing unacceptable emf levels in the backseat of a car where children would be seated was startling!

  3. Posted on September 14, 2017 at 4:38 PM by Kasia Kines

    I am glad you found some useful tips. It seems like you know a lot about phone exposure!

  4. Posted on September 15, 2017 at 12:02 PM by Lynn Schuster

    Wow! I did not know about the health risks of using a cell phone! Thank you so much for publishing this blog, Kasia! It is extremely informative and enlightening!

  5. Posted on September 15, 2017 at 2:52 PM by Kasia Kines

    Lynn, Environmental Working Group put together a lot of these ideas, which is so helpful. Otherwise, it is hard to find research and answers. I wonder why….hm..SO glad you found it helpful.

  6. Posted on September 16, 2017 at 9:13 AM by Josee Smith

    What an informative post Kasia. It’s loaded with great tips. The evolution of the cell phone certainly warrants a closer look at it’s usage and our health. Thank you for sharing this. I will begin to practice some of the tips today.

  7. Posted on September 16, 2017 at 1:11 PM by Kasia Kines

    So glad!


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