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Dr. Kasia Kines, Nutritionist, CEO and founder of EBV Educational Institute
Virtual clinic serving the US and globally


Programs and are not refundable. Appointments missed are appointments forfeited. The Programs are Use-it-or-Lose it. Payments already paid towards any Program do not qualify for full or partial refund. No exceptions will be applied or expected.


Because the complete Programs are pre-scheduled, it is challenging to accommodate changes in the schedule. The sessions can be rescheduled only due to a medical emergency or otherwise discussed on individual bases. Events like vacations, conferences, family visits, etc.  will be factored in when setting up the complete schedule for the Program and do not qualify for rescheduling. Traveling, for example,  is not an excuse to get off the your wellness program! On the contrary, more support and smart tips may be needed.


The sessions can only be rescheduled due to medical emergency of self or a family member. In all other cases, Use-it-or-Lose-it  policy applies.


We use two merchant services for transactions although checks are accepted as well. Payment Plans are also available for each Program. We also use  Paypal Credit, which provides a credit line for a 6-month period with no interest rate.


This is out-of-pocket practice, with payment expected at the time of service. There is no insurance coverage or insurance billing. However, there is some potential news for you.

Our Programs are via teleconferencing – With the popularity and growing acceptance of telemedicine by insurance, in the last year or so, I have noticed an increase in my clients’ reimbursement rate as well.

You may be reimbursed by your insurance: Please call your insurance now and ask if “nutritional counseling with a licensed nutritionist/dietitian is reimbursed“. Also, ask if it helps reimbursement if you have a “doctor’s referral“.  Upon request, I provide appropriately coded invoicing at the end of the Program for potential reimbursement, which the client can send to the insurance. If insurance requires additional documents, we request  a $25 administrative fee.

Schedule a Clarity Session if you would like to learn more about the Programs and fees, “interview me” to see if I am a good fit, and allow me the opportunity to ask you questions so that I can also tell you if I think I can actually help you.  The 25-minute paid phone session we created for that very purpose. To learn more, visit Clarity Session. If we are not a good fit, I hope to still provide you with helpful resources or referrals to clinicians that can fit your needs better.


Working within insurance is unfortunately not feasible in my profession for a solo nutritionist. I watched a colleague dietitian try it and close his clinic within a few months as a result, exhausted by paperwork and red tape.  Between the best graduate program in the US and perhaps the world and the inaugural doctorate in functional clinical nutrition I have a liability of almost 200K in student loan debt at the age of 51. I have the best education in the field, but it came with sacrifices and a price tag.

My programs are 4, 6 and 12 months long to optimize the benefit and your chance of success. Unfortunately, it takes time to untangle layers of problems, make changes, and then sustain them. While I appreciate your frustration with having to pay out of pocket, my family and I have been clients too, and I continue to pay out of pocket when I want to get the quality of care I need for my family, so I do understand.

When you invest in our services, you are investing in a few months that can potentially change your life. My success is helping you with your health goals and then letting you live your life and finally thrive.


One of my responsibilities as a nutritionist is to assess the new client’s supplements in terms of adequacy, dosage, purity and formulation. I work with a number of very reputable supplement providers that follow and exceed GMPs and agree to external independent testing, which I explain in depth on the Supplements page. I am compensated a % of the sales. I am very particular about the quality of supplements. My clients take only the best quality supplements appropriate for their needs and I do not recommend a product that I would not take myself.

Dr. Kasia Kines, Nutritionist, CEO and founder of EBV Educational Institute
Virtual clinic serving the US and globally

If you want to transform your life, if you want health and wellness, if you want peace of mind, there isn’t a better investment than working with Kasia.~ Beth