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Do We Need Nutritional Supplements?

I recommend nutritional supplementation not due to my belief system or my opinion, but because of science, environmental insult, and my clinical experience. We live in an environment that leaves us quite vulnerable. According to NHANES 2001-2002, in “What We Eat in America”, 93% of US population does not meet Estimated Average Requirements for Vitamin E, 56% for Magnesium, 44% for Vitamin A, and 31% for Vitamin C, to name a few. While this study is already dated, it corresponds quite closely to the nutritional status of many of my clients. (EAR is a daily intake to meet the requirement of 50% of the healthy individuals). According to data from the US Department of Agriculture involving vegetable quality, over the entire 20th century, the average mineral content of such vegetables as cabbage, lettuce, spinach and tomatoes declined from 400mg to less than 50mg. I strongly encourage you to review these educational videos to learn what is really going on here. You need to know that:


Quality of Supplements

There is a lot of junk science, and there are equally many junk supplements that are unregulated and possibly contaminated or unsafe. I work exclusively with pharmaceutical grade professional brands created for health professionals and their clients, and not available otherwise. These companies follow and exceed GMPs, Good Manufacturing Practices, promulgated by FDA. Click here for details on FDA’s current regulations. I am very particular about the quality, the forms of the ingredients, ratios of nutrients put together, the therapeutic dosages of the ingredients, and all the “other ingredients” in each formulation. It is my job to assess any supplements you are currently taking to ensure they are safe, they have appropriate therapeutic dosages for your condition, they have been purchased from accredited sources, they have been stored properly, and they are the best quality available on the market. Read here to learn why you should not buy nutritional supplements on certain popular websites. You have to be educated!

I work with two companies that specialize in nutriceuticals: Nutrametrix and Emerson Ecologics. I have found that between those two, I can get the best quality of all the supplements needed for your needs. See below for details about them, their uniqueness and how to create a client account.

Benefits of NutraMetrix Line of Isotonic Delivery System


  • Isotonix Delivery System – second to only IV Treatment: I have worked with this brand for many years with clients with excellent results that I had never experienced before with more traditional capsules or pills. It is almost as effective and as fast as IV. (see the definition of “isotonic” below), delivering nutrients to the absorption site within 5-8 minutes and absorbing 90-95% of the formulation
  • Bypassing Mal-absorption Issues: This line is particularly beneficial to my highly compromised clients with malabsorption and multiple deficiencies. The nutrients in the isotonic solution mimic the bodily fluids, require no digestion, and are recognized as self, and absorbed in minutes. Clients literally feel a pick up of energy from a methylated B complex within 10-15 minutes.
  • High compliance with clients: I do not care how perfect the supplement is, if my clients refuse to take it: compliance is everything. Isotonix have a pleasant taste and are well liked by clients because they can combine them together in a cocktail and drink it just one time.
  • Fewer Pills to Swallow: Because this line offers an entire array of vitamins and minerals, it is a great option for clients who for any reason are not able or willing to swallow capsules.
  • Clean Formulations: The Isotonix powders have no fillers, binders, coatings and lubricants that are common to tablets and capsules
  • GMO-free: More and more of these products have been tested and certified to be GMO-free. Here is the list of products with non-detectable GMOs as of 2018, which is the last time this list has been updated. More are being tested and added to this group.
  • Balanced Formulations: Isotonix vitamins and minerals are very well designed as synergistic formulations. For example, Vitamin D3 has the right dose of 5000IU and contains K2, which is exactly how Vitamin D should be taken. Calcium is made up of a very conservative dose of 375mg, 5 types of calcium and all needed cofactors in the right dosages like Mg, Mn, or Boron. Calcium should never been taken alone or in high doses at one time.
  • Customizing Your Supplements: What I appreciate the most is that the isotonic solutions allow me to completely customize a formulation for each of my client into their very own “Custom Cocktail”.
  • Most are vegetarian, gluten and dairy free, which is very important for my clients. Check out their gluten free products and vegetarian products.
  • Shipping is $7.50 down to free shipping on $99+ orders; each order provides cash back
  • My Superstars: OPC-3 and Ultimate Aloe Vera Juice

What is an Isotonic Solution?

Isotonic means having the same carbohydrate and electrolyte concentration as your body’s own fluids. All our bodily fluids, such as sweat, blood, tears, and saliva, are naturally isotonic, and therefore the nutrients in the isotonic form are recognized by your body as self. These supplements reduce the time it takes for nutrients to reach the bloodstream and lessens nutrient loss by digestion. They are also buffered to minimize stomach upset. Approximately 95% of the content of the supplement in a fluid form is ready for absorption in the small intestine in about 5-8 minutes. Isotonic delivery of nutrients is second only to intravenous solutions, some of which are in fact, also isotonic. It is my understanding that during WW2, in tropics, during crises, coconut water was used successfully in place of blood for transfusion – coconut water is the only existing isotonic solution in nature apart from our bodily fluids.

To Create a NutraMetrix Client Account:

Click Here to Create a NutraMetrix Client Account

  • I may have created your account already for you, in which case an email was sent with your temporary password(*) and PCID number(**); otherwise, follow the steps below
  • Put in your contact information, including telephone number and email you want to link to this account
  • Save
  • Important: record the 7-digit PCID = (that stands for preferred Customer ID number) and do not lose it
  • (*) You will be given a temporary password- when you reset it, please choose a password you can share with me for any future needs such as IT trouble shooting, making you a custom cocktail formulation, etc., so I can access your account; provide me with that password
  • (**) Your login: you can use your email or your PCID; your email may change or expire, but your PCID will always remain the same, just like your SS#!
  • Customer Service: 800-264-6950 during business hours, M-F. Otherwise, reach out to me.


Benefits of using  Supplements from Fullscript


This is a company that specializes in distributing thousands of products made by hundreds of the best professional brands on the market exclusively to doctors, integrative, functional and naturopathic clinicians and nutritionists, and is one of the handful most popular market places for clinicians to use with confidence for these reasons:

  • It is for clinicians-clients access only.
  • It specializes in carrying hundreds of the pharmaceutical professional brands clinicians like me prefer.
  • It has a very close relationship with each manufacturer and gets products directly from them.
  • It stores and ships the products appropriately.
  • It allows me to save time and my clients to save money by providing access to my favorite brands under one umbrella. We may need 3 products from 3 manufacturers, e.g. L-Glutamine from Thorne Research, Pea Protein Powder from Designs for Health, and Probiotics from Klaire Labs. I have professional accounts with all these manufacturers, but that means I have to place three orders and you have to pay three shipping fees.
  • They have clinicians on staff, often Naturopathic Doctors, who are highly experiences in nutritional supplements if I need some more ideas.
  • All my clients get 10% off retail price and free shipping is available

To Create a Fullscript Client Account:

Click Here to Create a Fullscript Client Account

  • Put in your contact information
  • Save

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