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How to Deal with Epstein Barr Virus Reactivations Triggered by Other Viruses

The Doctor Said It Wasn’t EBV. Here’s Why We Re-ran the Epstein Barr Virus Tests. The Case:

  • Joanna is dealing with chronic fatigue and nausea and nothing seems to help
  • She heard an episode of Health Mysteries Solved with Kasia Kines and wondered if she might be suffering from EBV or Epstein Barr Virus
  • Her doctor ran a test and informed her that she did not have EBV so she was back to square one.

Not satisfied with this, Joanna came to me. I took a look at the labs that her doctor had run and saw that he hadn’t run a full EBV panel. This is common with conventional doctors because they may not be aware that in the last few years LabCorp has changed their panels to exclude an important marker unless the doctor specifically asks for it. As a result, Joanna was not tested for this marker and I knew this was the first step in us solving her health mystery.

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