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Epstein-Barr Virus

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Nearly 10 years ago, after years of IBS and frustration with the standard medical treatment for it, I turned to Kasia Kines. She helped me identify the foods that my body couldn’t process and taught me how to make lifelong changes to my diet to improve my health. When I was diagnosed in 2017 with Epstein Barr Virus and Hashimoto’s disease, I knew there was only one person I wanted to work with to heal myself – Kasia!

Kasia takes a holistic and spiritual approach to physical health that has proven to be incredibly effective. We discovered that stress was a huge factor in my degrading health. Her in-depth knowledge, compassion, and persistence got us to the root of the issue. We used food and natural supplements to reverse the Hashimoto’s disease and send Epstein Barr packing! I am so happy to not only have my life back, but also to have the tools I need to prevent future recurrence and deal with potential setbacks. I am so grateful to Kasia for her loving guidance and support!

~ Kate

Welcome to Epstein-Barr Virus, or EBV, Deconstructed!

Whether it is CAEBV, SCAEBV, acute Mono or reactivated Mono (yes, that does exist), whether you have developed neurological problems or autoimmune disorders or simply have debilitating physical pain, to me EBV can and needs to be deconstructed so that no matter where you are on the EBV spectrum, you can improve and perhaps even reclaim your life. I can only make this claim because of the clients I have helped so far after all the research I did and continue to do.

While I do not pretend to know all the EBV answers, I am solution-driven and cannot emphasize enough that there are solutions and they may work for you as well. I created this page to be able to keep you updated on what I continue to learn. As I continue on this clinical journey, I will continue expanding services and education for you. We need the global EBV community to know the facts. It is my professional and personal commitment to do what I can to make that happen.

Why I chose to study the Epstein-Barr Virus?

As a clinician, I am a product of clinical suffering of my clients. I evolve where I need and keep learning what I need to help them better, and I do not  know where this will take me- it depends in what ways people get ill.  Well, I have been taken on the EBV journey because of my clients, and once I recognized it, I had to change the way I worked with the clients to address it.

I soon realized that while there is ample research and there are nutrient and environmental factors that can be readily applied to modify EBV’s behavior and at least keep it latent long term, medical community is not seeing any of that and many people continue to suffer gravely for years. Consider that 95% or more of global population carries the antibodies to EBV. It is potentially a global problem.

I remember the few very complex clients I was not able to help and how powerless I felt about it. I vividly remember one of them having antibodies to EBV but I did not recognize the gravity of it the time. I had studied at the best graduate program in the country and had attended the most forward thinking medical conferences. I learned from some of the best in functional medicine. And yet, no one taught me about the gravity of EBV or the solutions for it. In fact, it was simply not discussed.

That particular young clients saw many specialists at Hopkins and had to travel to specialists out of state for her multiple serious conditions just to try to get answers to what was wrong with her, and she was only in her 20s. She did everything I asked her to, and we did extensive testing. But I hit the wall and I could not help her. That experience instilled a resolve in me to train others so they ARE better equipped for complex cases. I do not want other clinicians to miss EBV  and hit that wall. As a result, I now mentor clinicians, so they do not miss it, and they know how to help clients with EBV just like you. If you are working with very caring clinicians that do not know enough about EBV but would love to learn, please spread the word and give them the link to my EBV for Clinicians  page – we have an online teleconference training program just for them that I teach!

My Clinical Epstein-Barr Virus Education, How I Learned To Heal EBV

I  stumbled upon Medical Medium book by Anthony William just a few years ago because of my clients , and finally read it while flying to a conference, urged by one of my clients. Even though I had been skeptical before reading the book, I found a lot of clinical validity in what he was claiming based on my clinical experience and the research I did know. I bought his Healing Foods book  next and was simply delighted to see recommendations I had been making for years. We obviously shared the same philosophy of healing foods!

Moving forward, if I suspected EBV, I started to request that my new complex clients test for it, and sure enough we started to find chronic activated EBV. The more we tested, the more CAEBV was found to the point where now I recommend that every of my new client consider testing for it. My clients typically have failed to improve despite their best efforts, diets and medical treatments before they find me, and their likelihood of CAEBV is quite high.

I was very lucky because while I was discovering CAEBV in my clients,  just about that time I also studied viral infections under  Dr Alex Vasquez in my doctoral program. Dr Vasquez is  probably the only clinician that had done an extremely thorough research on specific clinical applications of well studied natural solutions to viral infections. While he did not focus exclusively on EBV, he did create an anti-viral protocol he shared with us, based on all the extensive research he had done. It also soon became clear to me that most viruses dislike the same things and are triggered or reactivated by similar factors, especially in the herpes family, to which EBV belongs.

Based on research compiled by Dr Vasquez and his antiviral protocol, I started to incorporate all I learned and continued to customize it to each client, with very good and fast results. Towards the end of my doctoral program, I was completely focused on EBV and ended up writing an extensive Literature Review of CAEBV as a result. In the Literature Review, which grew to 70 pages, I also set out to validate in medical literature some of the possibly important claims made by Anthony William in his book, and I was pleasantly surprised to be able to do so in many cases.

I continued improving on the protocol,  listening to my clients’ feedback. I was blown away in one case when my acute reactivated mono client recovered within 2nd week of our protocol to the point of being fully functional and she was able to maintain that level of recovery.  I was blown away again when I realized that the 30Day Detox Program I had taught for years was able to stall CAEBV cases, including the most severe SCAEBV case I had worked at that time. At that point, I really started to pay attention because based on the literature review I had just written, my program as well as what I had been teaching to my clients in general were highly anti-viral in nature.  The new protocol just took that support to a deeper level for the clients.

What is most interesting is that before I started to work with EBV almost exclusively, people were not coming to me for help with EBV. Many of them suffered not knowing CAEBV is one of the causes of their multiple health challenges.  I do want to clarify that it is not my clinical experience that a person with CAEBV is otherwise very healthy. These clients have many other complex health challenges, which we have to address as well, which is exactly why they seek my services. It takes a seasoned functional clinician to be able to put this all together, which is what I do.  We  cannot work on EBV in isolation. I have to work with the whole person for the best results.

If you would like to get help and recover from your EBV related conditions, I invite you to buy my book The EBV Solution.

How Am I Deconstructing EBV:

  1. I have created and teach a 10-month high-touch and highly successful healing and transformational online program for people with chronic EBV called EBV Recovery Program (and we provide lifetime access to it to each participant). Click here to learn more
  2. In 2017 I self-published The EBV Solution, which became a best-seller on day one. Read more about it
  3. We created a very comprehensive evidence-based resource website for EBV:
  4. Clinician Online EBV Training and Certification Program – this is teleconference online program for clinicians like me and future doctors of clinical nutrition as well as MDs, NDs, DOs, functional clinicians, etc., to support them through their current complex clients case reviews – this is to help them catch EBV, recognize it, test it properly, and provide the right help to their clients.
  5. I am lecturing locally and nationally to clinicians and medical communities.
  6. I write articles relevant to EBV here as time permits.
  7. Last but not least, I will be publishing clinical data from my work with EBV clients in medical journals so that the traditional medical community can no longer say that nothing can be done about EBV. Some of these studies will be in collaboration with my colleagues. These will be ongoing projects. We have to create a new positive, solution-driven EBV database in medical literature.

Stayed tuned as  Deconstructing EBV continues!

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