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Our Gifts for this Special Earth Day for You and Your Family!

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Here at Holistic Nutrition Naturally and at our Global EBV Institute we want to wish you and your family a very special Earth Day.

What I have learned in the last year is….

…how connected we really are – we as humans, but also between species. The earth is our home and our ultimate family. Animals that are our companions help us humans open our hearts and get out of our cluttered mind. We owe it to ourselves and future generations of all on this planet to be better stewards while we are here. One step at a time.

So today I want to share some personal gifts that mean a lot to me!!!! Hopefully, they will inspire you to take one step and do just one more thing to keep toxins out of your home and your body and protect our planet!!!!

Here are the most inspiring documentaries that made a profound effect on me

These are also perfect also children, so the whole family can watch them and connect to our planet on a heart level on this special day!!!! Let’s raise the vibration together!

The Herd (I know I will be going there one day). There is a herd of horses in Canada that have taken it upon themselves to help humans heal and have co-authored 5 books with a woman, on whose property they live. I am currently in the middle of all the 5 books. They are enlightening and full of love. If you need inspiration and reconnection to your heart and spirit, the film as well as these books will serve you beautifully. Here is the link to the documentary. It is free and about 50 minutes. I have watched it twice already.

My Octopus Teacher – it is an absolutely beautiful and touching documentary about a friendship of an octopus and one human. Have hankies ready for everyone. It is available on Netflix. Here is a trailer.


Gunda documentary: click here

The link above is special: this movie costs just a few dollars. But 30% of proceeds will go back to the Island Haven Animal Sanctuary (which both my husband and I love and support, especially their horses with special needs!!!). This link was provided to me by Julie Duke, the Founder and Director of the Haven, who supports this film. Your money will go to such a good cause. Just a few days ago, Julie rescued 2 horses from slaughter houses….Yes, that is what happens to horses that no longer are “needed’ for racing or work….I can’t wait to meet them and greet them and let them know they are finally safe and this is their forever home. Every dollar counts at the Haven and helps those gracious animals.

Join me and my husband in this beautiful and quiet black an white documentary about a life of animals on a farm! It is 90 minutes and it does start at 7pm PT even though it is online. Thousands and thousands of people will be watching it all over the world at the same time. Imagine the energy we create together this way in that time!!!!

Here is a praise from the Guardian from 3 days ago if you need more details.

NASA has plenty of events today for Earth Day for us as well

I love the poster you can get from them here.

And they have plenty of activities online for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Here are special resources from me and my team for you and your families

 1. The Last Detox Program you will ever need!

WHAT: 30-Day Detox Program
PRICE: regular: $497; today’s price $249!!! 50% off
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BENEFITS: If today’s special day inspires you to take a better care of yourself and get toxins out of your home and your body gently for good so you

…lose the unwanted weight,
… have a newly found energy and have sound sleep…
….and you get the spring in your walk back,

then my secret weapon for you is our 30-Day Detox Program!!! 

This is the best kept secret, really, and since my work is so focused on EBV these days, I do not share the benefits of this Program nearly enough. But let me share with you that over the years, this Program has changed many lives!

You have a lifetime access to the content, so take advantage of today’s special and start it at your best timing. It is all on demand, for your convenience.

See how you can get your spark back!!!

2. My all-time favorite water filters:

If you have read my EBV Solution Book, you know there is an entire huge chapter on water in it! I cannot overstate how instrumental it is to get a solid quality water filter for your drinking needs, or your poor liver will be your water filter!!! Did you know you are drinking medications, possibly including oral contraceptives, from your tap water?. I hope I got your attention!

Berkey is wonderful for traveling, when you have to move often and when you cannot use a faucet. I have traveled with it to Europe, I relied on it while living in the renovation zone without the kitchen… It has a great reputation. Here is the link to this filter (we are affiliates with the company because I love this filter; you can also use KINES5 as a 5% off coupon). Here is the link to a longer blog I wrote about it if you want to read up on it.

Aquasana Water Filter is another filter I love and at times, depending on our kitchen we have had both this AND a Berkey in use at the same time! Here is the link to this filter. This is an affiliate link and will provide you with a 10% discount as part of our community. And more about it and why I love it in this blog. If you do not have the right faucet for this filter, you can actually run it through a separate faucet (using the soap dispenser hole in your sink). Here is more about that in my blog. We did that in our last house and it was so convenient! In the current house, I use Berkey when I need instant water access and at the same time I have Aquasana under the sink filter with a separate faucet for the times when I need a lot of water at a time.

I have not found better filters that are affordable, so reliable, simple to use and do the job without stripping the valuable minerals out of the water!

3. My all-time favorite air filters:

Light Air 

What I love about Light Air is that it produces no noise, is not clunky large, and you simply wash the collector. I have had 4 of these for probably 15 years now. And they are still just like they were when I bought them. This is Swedish technology based on negative and positive ions (brilliantly simple) and they can take on mold spores as well as viruses. It is remarkable how filthy the collectors become. Here is a blog I wrote about this filter a few years ago.

Austin Air

As much as I love Light Air and I continue using all four of them, you will need more heavy duty filtration with the ongoing seasonal wild fires, which we, in WA, do have, including so called “controlled” wild fires. As I am updating this blog in late August, I just had to close my windows as I can smell the burning forests. Many chemicals are released when forest burn, most notably dioxins, one of the most dangerous environmental toxin which, by the way, reactivates Epstein-Barr Virus.

This is why we added Austin Air to our new shopping website. It eliminates nearly 100% of smoke particles, not to mention mold, viruses, bacteria etc. What I also like is that there are no plastic parts in this filter, so there is no off gassing from plastics, it is HEPA technology and more, and you replace filter only once every 5 years. It is an investment but will last you for years to come. I am getting one myself.

To get 10% off this investment, click here and use the coupon code EBVHEROES10 at the checkout.

4. The ultimate non-EMF, infrared sauna  – best on the market, hands down

Sunlighten Saunas – confession to make: the new home we bought is small and right now I have a really small portable sauna…so I have no idea where I could put the Sunlighten sauna here…but it definitely is on my bucket list. Currently, I cannot buy it because I am still recovering from mold exposure. And even though sauna is the single best thing to do to help the body get rid of the mycotoxins from mold, I have not even been able to use my portable sauna because my skin burned and itched from mold and heat made it much worse! So, for those of you that are already enjoying sauna or will decide to splurge and invest into this beautiful one (I love the integrity of the family behind this brand too), I am cheering you on…for now from the distance, with a sigh!

5. Best soda with benefits!

This is something I do every summer…well, I have just started this now already as it is getting warm and sunny here on San Juan Island, WA,  and cold drinks are in demand!!!

First, you either get a Soda Stream (very easy to use) or good mineral water in glass bottles (a whole box, which is what my husband does – he buys these by boxes). Then, if it is really hot, you make ice cubes with your filtered water (as suggested above). HINT: you can put a raspberry or a few blueberries into each icecube – they look phenomenal frozen in a glass and add flavor and nutrients! Finally, buy our most favorite kiwi strawberry Ultimate Aloe Vera Juice. Get a beautiful glass, pour some mineral water or sparkling water from your soda stream, add the aloe (half -half with water or less is fine)  and throw in those pretty ice cubes! You got yourself the best soda in the world, pure medicine!  Here is more about the power of aloe vera juice. And here is my blog on the soda (and more summer ideas) in Drop Neurotoxins and Add Medicine blog. BTTW,  this aloe tastes amazing. And if you need it by case at a better price, please reach out to us and we will provide that!

Do let me know if you found any of the shares here helpful, inspirational or hopeful and if you love any of the 3 documentaries, I would love to know too!

Happy and Healthy Earth Day to you, your loved ones, including your animal companions!!!!


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