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COVID19 – What a Clinical Nutritionist Wants You to Know


And there are so many simple things we can do, even within the constraints of the self-quarantine, that can build up your resilience. I know as much or as little about COVID19 as most of my colleagues. We are only learning about it. But I do know viruses and I have eaten my teeth on the EBV virus, and therefore I feel I have to contribute to the larger community and share some very simple and practical anti-viral tips with you to help you now. Things that are universal about viruses and some things we have learned about COVID19!

[IMPORTANT January 7, 2022 update] I created this free program during the initial period of time when we are all in a lock down scratching our heads what to do. We have since gone through a LOT in our lives and in our understanding of the virus. If you would like to protect yourself with foods, please consider reviewing this article I wrote on foods for Epstein-Barr Virus – this is very relevant to all viruses! I have also created specific resources that address C@V!D for our EBV community: prevention, evidence-based protocols for an infected person, post-v@ injury recovery protocols and more.  For liability reasons I am not posting it here publicly. Please note that all the resources below on this page are from the original time when I put this together. I will update the links as I can. End of Jan 7, 2022 update][


We need proactive, pragmatic and prescriptive steps you can take now as individuals, as parents and as business leaders.

That’s why I’ve created the FREE



Don’t miss the wonderful free COVID19 Resources at the bottom of this page

that I have compiled with the help of my friends Angela Pifer,

Dr. Tom Moocroft, DO, Dr. Elisa Song, MD, and Dr. Keesha Ewers…

We are in a new form of chronic stress and anxiety about contracting COVID19, isolation caused by quarantine, and lack of clarity on what will come out of this process for us and our loved ones.

Our lives have been altered. Our priorities have shifted.
We have been forced to adjust and pay new attention.


The issue of not getting COVID19 infection is a loaded one. The way I can explain it the best and simplest is that the best way to prevent the infection is resilience. And that does not come from a single thing. building up our resilience means building our immune muscle, so we are less “sticky” to infections, including this one. And we make choices every single day that can be immune-supportive or not!

A simple example: when I was making dinner for my husband the other day, I consciously cooked organic potatoes with skins on for some extra Vitamin C and minerals… and I gave him a bottle of aloe to sip to support his immune system because he had a long trip in the morning. I am excited to share some practical ideas like this with you that you can apply in your quarantine kitchen.

As a leading EBV Expert, I created this simple support program with evidence-based, safe, actionable, and proactive support I feel is the best at this time – with a dose of humor and as little science as possible, and instead, sharing simple tips that are easy to implement! Also, food matters. Quality of food matters, especially now. I will teach you all the simple tricks I know as a clinical nutritionist. Eating good is fun, and joy is what we need now more than anything.

This virus is requiring us to reconstruct how we live and function and where are priorities are. This is such a great opportunity to spend more time on deeper self care, cooking, being creative, and taking time to reconnect with friends through virtual teas.  My deepest hope is that as a result of this tragic pandemic, we will find a new positive path of renewed appreciation and knowledge of our body’s needs, closer relationships with the individuals and communities that are important in our lives, and more empowerment and less worry about health challenges ahead of us.

That is my hope for all of us.

I will share what I have learned about viruses in general, based on all the medical research I studied and what I have implemented with my EBV clients and students with remarkable results. As with all viruses in general, there is no cure for this virus. I am not trying to cure it or treat it either. But I promise you that the simple, proactive tools I will teach you will build you up, and that is the best defense we humans have against any infection.

How do we do that?



Here are excellent resources if you would like to cut out media noise and have legitimate, well researched and credible information. I will continue adding resources here.

Corona virus tracking:

Below is an important short video created by a medical doctor in his own kitchen demonstrating what and how to go about bringing groceries into your home. This is especially important for immuno-compromised individuals. Also, notice that carton can hold the virus live for 24 hours (mail packages) and that the previously studied close cousin of COVID19 was NOT killed by freezing (so you still may want to disinfect or wash food bags from the freezer).

NOTE: Dr. Jeffrey later made a correction: do NOT wash your produce in traditional liquid soap (unless you have a special liquid soap for produce) – otherwise the soap can be absorbed into the foods. Washing off the produce with water alone is ok. You can use the regular liquid soap for produce with non porous skins you will not consume later. Here’s the link:

Dr. Tom Moorcroft D.O. and a group of practitioners came together for a free Coronavirus-Voices of Reason Summit. This is a recording of it. It is excellent, with many clinical pearls, ideas and tools that are practical and available, and can support all of us during this pandemic and self-quarantine. Here is the link:

My friend  and colleague clinical nutritionist Angela Pifer, who lives literally a few minutes from Kirkland epicenter of coronavirus, and who also is a mom, has written an extensive excellent give-away e-book on how to support your immune system (40 pages):

Another friend and colleague, Dr. Elisa Song, a pediatrician, has a series of excellent resources on the virus – her article on it is now quoted by National Geographic. She just a mom and a doctor, who, out of concern, sat down and went through all existing research on the virus.

Dr. Tom Moocroft, DO, has written an excellent material for his patients on the virus.

A very good collection of coronavirus disease research compiled by GreenMedInfo.

My friend and fellow-nutritionist Andrea Nakayama, CEO of Functional Nutrition Alliance created a wonderful cheat sheet with practical sound things to do so you become the worst host for any virus (these are mostly for viruses and not for the COVID-19 specifically because we just do not have enough studies yet, so keep it in mind). Here’s the cheat sheet:

Dr Sarfaraz Munshi, MD, from Queen’s Hospital in UK, explains potentially life saving breathing technique:

Dr. Keesha Ewers’ COVID -19 Emergency Home Care Kit:

If you want to transform your life, if you want health and wellness, if you want peace of mind, there isn’t a better investment than working with Kasia.~ Beth