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What a Clinical Nutritionist Wants You to Know About COVID-19

I know you are afraid and frustrated, and by now, particularly isolated (literally speaking as well).

We have a crisis, and like many other families, business owners, and community members, you may be really worried about your health and that of your loved ones, and you may also feel a surge of panic and anxiety. You’re not sure about your financial security, your job, your ability to pay bills, and now your ability to perhaps pay medical bills on top of everything else… In some places, toilet paper is sold out and so are basic supplements for immune support.  If this is not completely rewriting how we function and think, I don’t know what will. To make things worse, we do not have access to simple testing. We are ill equipped medically in our country to deal with the crisis. A local singer/song writer I like just sent out an email about the financial devastation she and her fellow artists are experiencing: their live concerts pay their bills…

Some positive things are showing though. In Seattle, property owners are coming together saying they will not evict tenants for the next three months, and my husband just told me about a proposed small business relief  suggesting we should apply. Bill Gates just announced that he is now focusing exclusively on work on climate change and will fund COVID-19 testing for all children in Seattle.

Our all existence is suddenly different. Our priorities are different. We are forced to be awake and out of our element. We are forced to pay attention.

You are not alone. This is our communal experience on a global level!

Know that we can do a lot to support our bodies. I am here to share what I have learned over the years wile working with Epstein-Barr Virus. We’re going Back to Basics. Some of these basics have the ability to build resilience that keeps bacterial and viral infections at bay. This is how we are designed. We may have forgotten about some of these glorious Basics, and so I feel this is the time for us to bring them back. Remember the concept of Victorian gardens during the war? People started to grow their own produce for food. Basics are basics. While it is too early for a vegetable garden, we are going back to the kitchen – self quarantine has its value – we can now find time and focus to make foods. Many of these foods have antiviral qualities and improve your immune system’s resilience.


A simple example: when I was making dinner for my husband the other day, I consciously cooked organic potatoes with skins on for some extra Vitamin C… and I gave him a bottle of aloe to sip to support his immune system because he had a long trip in the morning. As you can see there are simple things we can we do that are within our power and reach, and I will share the best pearls and practices with you here.

Proactive, Pragmatic and Prescriptive Steps

You Can Take Now

as Individuals, as Parents and as Business Leaders!

Instead of panicking, I want to support you. As a leader of the EBV community, an expert on the Epstein-Barr Virus, and the CEO of the Global EBV Institute, I have a responsibility to share what I know about viruses with you. I refuse to let you stay in this fearful uncertainty. I am here to support you in the coming months with the most accurate, evidence-based, safe, actionable, and proactive support I professionally and personally feel is the best at this time. While my support is not directly anti-corona virus because simply we do not know enough about it, it will build up your anti-viral resilience.

Three things you can do right now:


First, learn information you need from the reputable sources so you can plan. My new favorite quote is, “We do not have a mind virus. We have a lung virus,” as Karl Krummenacher recently remarked. The truth is that while there is a lot we do not know about this new strain, we ARE learning, we are moving forward, and we want to be prepared and plan ahead. See resources at the bottom of this page.


Second, the key for all of us is to build up our immune systems = this is our resilience. This is the difference between a person having just a sniffle or getting seriously ill. The easiest way to do that is through consuming the right foods that have the most powerful building blocks to support our immune systems.

Food matters.

Quality of food matters, especially now.

I will teach you all the simple tricks I know as a clinical nutritionist. Eating good is fun, and joy is what we need now more than anything.


Third, the most powerful friend you have is your thoughts. We all have to make a decision to step away from fear-based thoughts. Your cells literally believe what your brain tells them. There is little possibility for the body to open up healing when it’s in a crisis mode. I will be providing you with simple tools to reframe your thoughts, so you do not feel constantly depressed by the fear of the virus.

I have helped so many others with various infections over the last 16 years. I will be sharing with you here all I know about how to build up your emotional, mental, and physical resilience (immunity) and keep your sanity.


This virus is requiring us to reconstruct how we live and function. My deepest hope is that as a result of this tragic pandemic, we will find a new positive path – one of new priorities – of renewed appreciation and knowledge of our body’s needs, closer relationships with the individuals and communities that are important in our lives, and more empowerment and less worry about health challenges ahead of us.

That is my hope for all of us.

I will share what I have learned about viruses in general, based on all the medical research I studied and what I have implemented with my EBV clients and students with remarkable results. As with all viruses in general, there is no cure for this virus. I am not trying to cure it or treat it either. But I promise you that the simple, proactive tools I will teach you will build you up, and that is the best defense we humans have against any infection.

How do we do that?

COMING SOON: Back-To-Basics Free Anti-Viral Support Program

I am currently working on a free online on-demand program. Here is a sign up if you would like to be notified when it’s ready – this is my highest priority. This will be a free, simple, and proactive online program anyone can benefit from, now and into the future.


Here are excellent resources if you would like to cut out media noise and have legitimate, well researched and credible information. I will continue adding resources here.

Corona virus tracking:

My friend  and colleague clinical nutritionist Angela Pifer, who lives literally a few minutes from Kirkland epicenter of coronavirus, and who also is a mom, has written an extensive excellent give-away e-book on how to support your immune system (40 pages):

Another friend and colleague, Dr. Elisa Song, a pediatrician, has a series of excellent resources on the virus – her article on it is now quoted by National Geographic. She just a mom and a doctor, who, out of concern, sat down and went through all existing research on the virus.

Dr. Tom Moocroft, DO, has written an excellent material for his patients on the virus.

A very good collection of coronavirus disease research compiled by GreenMedInfo.

My friend and fellow-nutritionist Andrea Nakayama, CEO of Functional Nutrition Alliance created a wonderful cheat sheet with practical sound things to do so you become the worst host for any virus (these are mostly for viruses and not for the COVID-19 specifically because we just do not have enough studies yet, so keep it in mind).

If you want to transform your life, if you want health and wellness, if you want peace of mind, there isn’t a better investment than working with Kasia.~ Beth