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Tofu Hollandaise Sauce

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Tofu Hollandaise sauce has been used for many years in different meals, so you can make many combinations with it. Although the recipe contains different ingredients from garlic, marjoram, and honey to cayenne pepper and lemon juice, as the name suggests, Tofu Hollandaise is primarily based on tofu, a soy based curd known for its specific taste and exceptional nutritional value. When working with any soy product, please make sure it is organic certified or GMO-free certified. It not labeled, you are most likely consuming genetically modified material. I do have to clarify that soy is a very hot topic and is highly debated as a safe or unsafe food. The debate is ongoing. Some people do not do well on soy. If soy is tolerated, fermented form like miso or tempeh is the healthiest. Tofu is not fermented and is quite processed,  but for those that tolerate soy, some organic tofu in a recipe like this can help prevent the inflammation problems related to dairy, so it is a possible alternative.

Health benefits of tofu

While soy in general is not for everyone, it is a common allergen, and it is added to just too many food products on the market where it really does not belong, according to many scientific studies, tofu brings many health benefits to consumers. First of all, it is good for cardiovascular health. A standard serving of this cheese-like food comes with around 15% of the daily recommended intake of omega-3 fatty acids. In fact, tofu is one of the richest sources of these heart-protective compounds. So, tofu can help people lower the amount of bad cholesterol and promote proper blood clotting.

Next, tofu can also help people gain muscle strength, manage weight, and boost energy because of its protein and iron. Protein is important for muscle building while also creating satiety, and the iron is an important element of hemoglobin.

Tofu has also been studied for its protection of prostate health in men. Several scientific studies have shown that tofu has a potential to prevent prostate cancer and slow down its growth. This is possible due to the isoflavones present in tofu. The same compounds help women in menopause when it comes to estrogen loss.

Types of tofu

There are three basic types of tofu available on the market – soft, silken and firm. The soft type of tofu that is part of the Tofu Hollandaise Recipe has a texture that makes it an excellent alternative for creamy cheeses (cottage cheese, ricotta etc.) and eggs. On the other hand, silken is the softest type of tofu and it is frequently used in spreads, dips and dressings for salads. Finally, the firm form of tofu is typically cut into smaller pieces, which are later marinated for more specific taste, and people use them baked or grilled. When firm tofu is drained off water and then frozen in small bite pieces, once the pieces are defrosted, they have a chewy meat like texture.

Coconut yogurt vs Dairy Yogurt

You have probably noticed that our Tofu Hollandaise sauce also contains coconut yogurt and I picked that because it is much healthier compared to ordinary dairy yogurt. Coconut yogurt, for example, is an excellent source of calcium, vitamin B12, and vitamin D. It also doesn’t contain added sugar and sodium and has an excellent level of fiber. Coconut yogurt is low in calories and fat. Try and see how you like it.

We hope that you will enjoy this tofu hollandaise sauce and your meal! Looking for more recipes with functional nutrition benefits? Follow me on Pinterest!

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