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Learn from a Professional Service how to Remediate EMF in your Home

I finally found the right person to help us crack the EFM conundrum. The issue of electromagnetic field, just like toxic molds, is a hidden epidemic- it is a modulation we are exposed to every single day at home, at work, in our sleep, and in our commute, and the level and complexity of that exposure is growing. This is particularly dangerous to children and their developing brains as well as any ill, compromised person and our companion animals.

A lot of my clients are highly sensitive individuals, and they can be particularly affected by EMF. You may be one of those people too.

You may not appreciate that EMF, even at conservative levels, can reactivate EBV, and possibly other pathogens and perpetuate them. The human body is not designed for this level of radiation no matter how healthy you are. The EMF issue affects everyone.

Risa Suzuki is an expert trained in remediation of EMF in your homes. Like Jason Kester, who was hit by toxicity from mold, she at one point became very EMF-sensitive herself, and long story short, she now makes it her mission to support others and educate the public. She is also Reiki master! Risa has an online program, which you should check.

I am very grateful that she graciously agreed to review the big EMF chapter I wrote for the EBV book (thank you Risa) to give me more pointers and let me know if some of my information is already outdated.

Risa will also be remediating our rental home and I hope to video film some of this process for you. I look forward to also working with her in future, doing a video interview and adding her expertise to our online 30Detox Program and the new online EBV Program.

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