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Healthy Travel Tips for the Holidays

Edited 12/4/23

Are you traveling for holidays? Then this blog is just for you.

Healthy Travel Tips - Functional Medicine

Health professionals and patients alike – let’s not get sick on the plane!!!

I never get sick while traveling and I used to travel a lot, including complicated trips to and from Poland.

So why exactly do I not get sick when traveling?

My Healthy Travel Pack – Daily Supplements

First, I religiously pack my daily supplements. I do NOT waiver because traveling is the time when your immune system can be a little compromised. You are crammed in long lines to check in and have your bags inspected while people sneeze and cough around you. It gets worse on the plane with very tight quarters and re-circulating air that picks up a lot of …”stuff” you will be breathing in. At the same time, you will probably be eating non-ideal foods. Your body will thank you for any extra support!!!

My daily supplements when traveling are: 1500mg EPA/DHA (fish oil), a cocktail of: Calcium Complete, OPC-3 (2 doses); D3/K2, Multi with iron, and methylated B complex; I also take support for liver because organics and healthy foods may be limited and the liver may be overburdened with toxins: Hepatocleanse or Curcumin Extreme are my favorite. Because there’s added stress of traveling, sleeping in a hotel, not missing planes and appointments, tight schedules, and possibly odd sleeping hours, I always take adaptogenic herbs – these herbs tell my adrenals that everything is fine and there is not need to make extra cortisol (stress hormone). My go-to is ACTS. ACTS also gives me a little extra iodine from kelp, but if you cannot take iodine for any reason, Bliss is your choice.  All these supplements are available at

A Flight Rescue-Kit

Healthy Travel Tips - Teas, Supplements, and more...I take supplements that have some anti-microbial qualities. During the flight, I will drink aloe vera juice in powder – it comes in small lightweight sachets- I just open one and spill into 4 oz water. I have done this since this aloe vera cleared my food poisoning a few years ago. You can see the sachets in one of the photos here. I also bring isotonix digestive enzymes. Each packet is a tea-bag size and is for 2 meals. However, whenever I eat out while traveling, I empty the whole sachet in 4 oz water (double dose), so I never have heartburn or indigestion from eating…questionable foods….Digestive enzymes may also help you “kill” some pathogens too since they contain proteases, which break down proteins, whether it is chicken or e.coli. Pathogens are made out of protein.

You can also get a 1 oz dropper bottle of oil of oregano in olive oil. It is anti-microbial, but it tastes intense, so be warned.

What else do I do during the flight?

Many people have a tendency to get constipated while on the plane. Tough choice: hot water tasting like plastic from a plastic thermos or cold water from a plastic bottle with chemicals leaching from the plastic. I travel with my own tea bags and I will ask for hot water while at the airport, so I can walk on the plane with my thermos filled with hot water.

While in flight, I may ask for tomato juice without ice. Potassium is good. Some sodium for the stressed adrenals may not be a bad thing either …and yes, the can leaches chemicals too, but you do want to give yourself grace.  Yes, I love my personal thermos. I have one that is small and lightweight and slides easily into the side pocket of my backpack.


Consider melatonin if you are changing time zones as that disrupts melatonin production in the body (disrupted circadian rhythm). This is a very important antioxidant that, according to studies, may protect against cancer and even be used in cancer treatment.

If you fly frequently, you should know about increased risk of cancer due to exposure to radiation and melatonin disturbance. High-mileage frequent flying (100,000–450,000 miles per year) means 1–6.7 mSv of radiation exposure. That’s about the same as a pelvis CT scan, or 60 chest X-rays. In the US, pilots and flight attendants have been officially classed as “radiation workers” by the Federal Aviation Administration since 1994.

Staff regularly working on high-latitude flights are exposed to more radiation than workers in nuclear power plants. Despite this, the airlines don’t measure the radiation exposure of their staff or set safe limits on the doses they can safely receive, according to a BBC article from 2013. There have been studies, including a meta-analysis in 2012 confirming increased incidence of cancer in female aircrew. Apparently, the cosmic radiation exposure is worse around north and south poles.

Your Own Tea House

Why is that a good idea? Carrying a small traveling tea mug allows me to have my own favorite tea and move around with it. Most restaurants at the airport will give you hot water free. It is very important to keep your body warm especially when it is under stress from disruption of schedule, circadian rhythm, radiation, and intense Wi-FI at the airport and in the air.

Healthy Travel Tips - My Food and VitaminsFood-in-Flight

This time, I got cherry tomatoes and red and yellow bell peppers that I had washed and sliced. I also had made an egg sandwich with lettuce and some horseradish and a few clementines. All organic. I always take a small silicone bag of nuts and sliced apples. I might also bring some avocados (I will need a knife at the hotel though…). I always have a backpack on the plane filled with some foods I can eat: finger foods, foods that cannot spoil or splash…Even if I have only carry-on luggage, I will pack the minimum of the clothes so that I have space for foods. We do make choices!!!!! I ask that you resist peanuts, pretzels or other snacks offered on the plane. For that, you do have to bring something better with you.

Pre-Tox and Post-Tox

  • Get some chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the green pigment in plants. It cleans your cells and blood. Some famous sources of chlorophyll are spirulina and chlorella. Chlorophyll can bind to toxins and carcinogens and may help protect you from added radiation from flying. Hawaiian spirulina tablets are best to travel with.
  • Eat more antioxidants before the trip and after coming home.
  • Order broccoli while on your trip. That is usually readily available and any restaurant can steam it for you without overcooking it.
  • Get organic miso soup with some seaweed in it.
  • Eat sprouts, especially broccoli.
  • My favorite go-to is Organic Isotonic Greens (GF; include alfalfa, spirulina, chlorella, cabbage, etc). This product is available only as a “custom cocktail” to be blended specially for you by the company:

A Final Personal Decision for Healthy Travel

I love being able to make a conscious choice. I am very aware of my daily total exposure to radiation of different kind. I made a decision years ago to opt out of the whole body scans that are now compulsory at the airports. You already have added radiation exposure from being in the flight. All this may compromise your immune system and rather than waiting for research to confirm that this added exposure may pose added cumulative risks, I just plan some extra time to have a …private screening (called pad-down)!!! Every single time.

Happy Holidays!


For a complete guide to traveling with EBV, visit EBV Masterclass Series.


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