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Best Kept Secret: Isotonix® Line with their New Organic Greens to Your Rescue

nutraMetrix Isotonix Complete Greens® helps maintain overall health

I am truly excited to share this blog with you all, in time for new year’s resolutions for a healthier 2019. As Oprah has said: “healthy” is the new “skinny”! This blog is long coming- now that I have a few days off for Xmas and a break from demands of the clinic, I can finally share what I have been looking forward to for months! Happy New Healthy Year to you and I sincerely hope you will benefit from this blog! Time to unveil the best-kept secret!

We all need more greens for our health. I do not need to convince you. I don’t get enough greens myself – life gets complicated and busy.

Who Can Benefit from the Organic Isotonix® Greens?

Everyone. In particular:

  • Those on “Standard America Diet” (SAD Diet). If I had to recommend just one supplement for this population, I would definitely recommend these greens.
  • Health-nuts. You may already have a “green powder” product in your kitchen cabinet, kale in the fridge, or spinach in the freezer for smoothies. You know the benefits. This article is for you because we will talk about easily the most unique and best-absorbed greens in powder form I have seen in my clinical practice.
  • Those intimidated by greens: you either don’t cook at all or just don’t care for their texture or flavor of green vegetables. This blog is especially for you- we will talk about the most effective and good-tasting shortcut to benefits from greens.
  • Those with a chronic, debilitating, or inflammatory condition or wanting to detoxify (either in a January cleanse or on a regular basis) … in chronic illness, chlorophyll is not optional. You need all the benefits of greens you can but they also need to be easy to take and readable available. Keep reading.
  • Last but not least, I am most excited for those suffering from CAEBV. Your needs for phytonutrients in greens, and especially chlorophyll, are big, and your GI tract may already be compromised, making absorption of foods challenging: you need something with a flawless and effortless absorption capability. You may have already visited the supplement page on our displaying a few key Nutrametrix® branded isotonix® products – I listed them there for a very good reason. These are the most effective supplements I have worked with, especially beneficial for an ill and compromised individual. The new organic Isotonix® greens just top my list!

What You Need to Know before you Spend Another Dollar on a Nutritional Supplement

Supplements are not created equal. The industry is colossal and full of hype, poor-quality or contaminated products. How many supplements do you have in your pantry, which “have never made a dent” for you? It takes education and a discerning eye to get the right formulation, dose, quality, avoid unnecessary (sometimes detrimental) ingredients and fillers, and find the best delivery that actually gets the active ingredient to the destination site.

I trained professionally in the subject in my graduate training at Bastyr University, and I have worked with clinical applications of nutraceuticals since 2005, optimizing supplement use and benefits for each client and helping them weed through the sea of supplements trash on the marketplace.

While mediocre supplements provide mediocre benefit at best, the right supplement for the right person can help move the needle in one’s health sometimes in profound ways – and why is it so? Because majority of the population is sub-clinically or clinically depleted or deficient in basic nutrients we require for normal functions. Supplements done right simply fill in those gaps and support the body in a more optimal function. This is particularly important for a person with a chronic inflammatory condition or infection like EBV.

If you feel you can meet all your nutrient needs from foods, I regret to say it is not quite possible in the current environment. For example, just stress alone depletes certain key nutrients like B vitamins (aka “stress vitamins”). You may not be able to keep up with the increased needs for B vitamins in your daily stress just from foods alone, not to mention the need of healthy stomach acid secretions to facilitate the absorption of these B vitamins.

If you would like to learn more about the sources of and reasons for deficiencies, I documented research spanning over decades in an entire chapter on nutrient deficiencies in the EBV Solution book.

My Secret Weapon: My Decade of Clinical Experience with the Isotonix®

Next to intravenous nutritional therapy, Isotonix® line of nutritional supplements is hands down the best professional line I have found. I have used these products personally and with my clients since January 2009 and as I am reaching a decade with Isotonix®, it is time to shed more light on this formidable line.

Organic Isotonix® Greens in particular are exciting. I have been asking Nutrametrix to open their stellar Isotonix® Organic Greens as a stand-alone product – for years, as it had only been available as part of a custom cocktail. I could not be happier to report that the product is now available on its own.

For hundreds and hundreds of our clients who, like me and my own family, have fallen in love with the incredible effectiveness of Isotonix® delivery over the years, I do not need to explain the benefits that come with isotonicity. But if you have not heard about it before, let me explain physiology behind it before we jump into the details of the Organic Isotonix® Greens.

Isotonicity 101

Isotonicity is the very reason why this supplement line is so effective. Isotonic solutions have been used in emergency medicine, for example, as saline or dextrose, helping resuscitate critically ill or rehydrate those with hypernatremia (high sodium concentration in blood) – where time and effectiveness is of essence.

The principle is both simple and profound. Blood, saliva, lymph, sweat, tears and most other bodily fluids share the same osmotic pressure, with osmolarity of 288 mOs/kg. This is the osmotic pressure of normal human blood serum, the fluid portion without cells and platelets.

Your Food’s Absorption Requires Isotonicity

In physiologic terms, when a food solution’s osmolarity is the same, or nearly the same, as that of normal human blood serum, it is referred to as isotonic. The most important part of isotonicity is that everything you eat and drink has to become isotonic before passing through small intestine in order to be absorbed. The body recognizes isotonic solutions as “self” and therefore no work is needed on the part of the body and the solution is readily and easily assimilated.

How Your Body Makes your Food Isotonic

To obtain isotonic state, when we consume food, beverages, or nutritional supplements (capsules, tablets, or liquids), the stomach must secrete hydrochloric acid, and at least one vitamin-binding protein to continue the process of digestion. Muscular contractions of the stomach mix the contents until a reasonably uniform solution is achieved.

Achieving isotonicity in the stomach takes work and is relatively time-consuming – about 40 minutes to 4 hours depending on the size of the meal. Once isotonic, the solutions of food (technically called chyme) can then enter the small intestine for absorption.

What this means is that no matter what you eat or drink, your body has to do work to make it into an isotonic solution to get it across the small intestinal membrane of villi and microvilli.  

How Isotonic Solution Is Recreated in the Nutrametrix® line of Isotonix®

The fastest emptying of the stomach occurs if the liquid entering it is already isotonic. When the biological sensors in the gastrointestinal tract detect that the ingested solution is isotonic, the pyloric or duodenal valve at the lower end of the stomach remains open, and the solution is squirted into the small intestine almost immediately.

Creating a nutritional supplement that recreates the isotonicity means that absorption of the nutrient in the supplement will be rapid and efficient, with literally no work exerted by the body. Accordingly, Isotonix supplements are delivered to the absorption site within minutes. Creating a whole line of nutrition supplements in this form has proven to be highly effective, which is especially beneficial for those struggling with absorption and gut issues.

Ingredients and Dosing

Most Isotonix® supplements are best when taken on empty stomach precisely in order to be recognized by the stomach as “self” and allow seamless assimilation in the small intestine, otherwise interrupted by food. They come powder form, with very specific ingredients added to keep the right pH an make it isotonic when dissolved in water in a very particular ratio (follow instructions on the bottle to the dot)

The Isotonix® supplements contain no fillers, binders, coating, lubricants, or capsules. All the ingredients in the formulations are there to make it isotonic and palatable.

Added flavors come from fruits and/or stevia. Fructose and glucose are part of the isotonic formulation. Fructose in the solution helps isotonicity and glucose is included to stimulate the sodium pump mechanism of active transport, help maintain the isotonicity, and cover the bitter taste of certain micronutrients and plant extracts.

Dosing: each serving of powder is dissolved in 2 oz water. Because we want to recreated isotonicity, it is important to be exact with the powder to water ratio. The supplements can be combined as long as this ratio is kept. So, for example, if you want to combine one dose of calcium with one dose of Vitamin D, you will need a total of 4 oz water.

Calories and sugar content: each dose contains 5 calories and total 1-2g of sugar, equivalent of 2-3 grapes.

How Effective Are Isotonix® Supplements?

Absorption rate: the Isotonix® solution is absorbed at a rate of about 90% or more, surpassed only by intravenous therapy.

Absorption speed: about 15 minutes.

Of all supplements I have worked with over the span of my clinical practice, the Isotonix® line (along with non-isotonic Nutrametrix Ultimate Aloe) consistently generate most praise from my clients for their effectiveness. Now that you understand the physiology and logic behind this formulation, you can understand why.

Rewards and Pitfalls of our Love of Greens

We all know greens are nutritional powerhouses: they contain the famous chlorophyll that helps protect our cells from cellular damage from environmental toxins and support detoxification from heavy metals, to name a few. To make greens more accessible and practical to all, I have created a short video, with my kitchen tips for the unsuspected green heroes here: In that video I discuss such small greens as parsley, dill weed, cilantro, or green onions, just because they are so under-appreciated. Of course, the more famous greens are  kale, collard greens, watercress, parsnip greens, spirulina, chlorella, broccoli or spinach. All these greens are powerhouses (hint: not your iceberg lettuce).

Consistency in Quality and Use Is the Key. The truth is that, especially when chronically ill, the best benefits come from daily consistency and that is much easier with a supplement than the fresh green produce, sadly, but that is the reality of our busy life as well as accessibility of fresh organic greens. And, if your diet is indeed rich in the greens but you run out of them on occasion, it is beneficial to have a choice and a backup. Also, many of us have to travel. For instance, I often have to fly to conferences. Especially when you travel, your immune systems becomes more compromised and you need a solid diet/supplements. Quality organic greens will be hard to get.

The Kale Dilemma: Since we are talking about greens, I do want to let you know the unpleasant news about a particularly popular queen of green leafy vegetables: kale. Kale has high affinity for a very toxic metal thallium. Therefore, kale that grows in thallium-contaminated soil is high in this metal, and toxic levels of thallium have been documented in heavy metal testing.

According to molecular biologist Ernie Hubbard who studied thallium toxicity in a clinical setting, symptoms of subclinical toxic exposure can range from brain fog to chronic fatigue, skin and hair issues, arrhythmias and other neurological disorders and urine levels of thallium corresponded to kale intake. Organic kale hyperaccumulated more thallium than commercial kale. We do not yet understand why and how kale hyperaccumulates thallium. Nor is it possible for you to know if the kale you pick in the store is contaminated.

I think kale may become problematic if you have it daily in a smoothie, throw it into soups as a preferred green and also rely on kale chips for snacks. Here are two articles about Hubbard’s findings:

The Organic Isotonix® Greens

We just took a journey on the reality of supplementation, on the concept of isotonicity of our bodily fluids and the isotonicity in emergency medicine, which now is available to us also in a supplement form. Finally, we looked at some greens in our diet.

It is finally time to discuss the Organic Isotonix® Greens:

The product contains powder of seven super-greens: spirulina, wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa grass, chlorella, broccoli, spinach and cabbage.

Here are a few interesting things about some of my favorites:

Why I love spirulina: it is a blue-green alga that has been shown to have multiple health benefits, in particular, antiviral qualities, detoxification from heavy metals, especially arsenic, cholesterol regulation and anti-cancer qualities.

Spirulina is a nutritional powerhouse. “It is well understood that deficiency of nutrients is responsible for changes in immunity, which manifests as changes in production of T-cells, secretory IgA antibody response, cytokines and NK-cell activity. The (…) studies suggest that Spirulina may modulate the immune system by its role in covering nutritional deficiencies.”

This is extremely important in CAEBV, as the virus can only thrive when the nutritional status is low and (as a result) immune system weakens. Spirulina also is high in protein, a less known fact, and it is so versatile that it has even been used successfully by NASA as a dietary supplement for astronauts on space missions!

I take spirulina every time I have to travel b y plane to help support my cells during exposure to radiation up in the air.

What I love about chlorella: this green alga is a backbone of many heavy metal detoxification protocols, often along with spirulina. It can improve liver function in non-alcoholic fatty liver, protects the cells in chemotherapy and radiation, reduces cervical cancer cell growth, increases glutathione production, improves symptoms of breast cancer, and more. Like spirulina, chlorella is high in nutrients.

What I love about alfalfa: horse owners swear by it for their horses’ health; it is a nutrient dynamo! Everything from anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, diabetes and cholesterol support. Be careful though: alfalfa is the fourth major genetically modified crop grown in the US. The only way to avoid GMO alfalfa is to get it organically grown.

What I love about cabbage and broccoli: they both belong to the group of cruciferous vegetables famous for indol-3-carbinol, an anticancer superstar.  As my nutritionist colleague and friend Tom Malterre once said, broccoli alone is a DNA-whisperer. Interestingly, while we did not have broccoli available in Poland when I was growing up, cabbage was everywhere. Cabbage soup, sauerkraut, sauerkraut soup, millions of permutations of hunter’s stew (cooked cabbage known as bigos), coleslaw salads…you name it, I probably had it. Even now, on most days, you will find cabbage and sauerkraut in my fridge.

Organic Isotonix Greens are now available to support you. If you try them, let us know how you like what they do!

To your Health,

Dr. Kasia Kines,

your favorite nutritionist

Here is the product label with details

Here are some of my other favorite Isotonix.


  1. Posted on January 18, 2019 at 5:27 PM by Laura

    Hi Dr. Kines,

    I just got your book and I’m grateful for so much helpful information to guide my treatment. It’s been a struggle finding consistent information via a reputable source.

    I’m curious if the supplements liknks you are promoting are affiliate links? If so, please be transparent, so your readers / clients are aware of the potential dual relationship, and you are not violating FCC regulations. If not, please mention this in your posts, as your clients/ readers will likely appreciate the remmendations based solely upon scientific findings and effectiveness.

    Thank you for being a wealth of knowledge and a bright light for those of us who are struggling with EBV.


  2. Posted on November 29, 2019 at 11:01 PM by Kasia Kines

    Thank you Laura. I am sorry your post went unanswered for so long. I simply missed it. I will make sure we improve our transparency regarding products we recommend and our affiliate relationships. We do have an affiliate relationship with the manufacturer of Organic Isotonix Greens.

  3. Posted on September 1, 2020 at 12:46 PM by Andrea Beth Trank

    What if you do not do any gluten, can you still take this product?

  4. Posted on April 7, 2021 at 11:15 PM by Pamela Ford

    I have been using the isotonix supplements for several years. I wanted to supplement my juices with a green powder and thought to check to see if they had one. I wanted to review it for my own education, independent of the company, and I found this. So thank you!

  5. Posted on January 19, 2022 at 3:09 PM by Kasia Kines

    You are welcome.

  6. Posted on January 19, 2022 at 3:10 PM by Kasia Kines

    Andrea, this product is certified gluten free, which means that it meets the qualification of a minimum of gluten. Wheat grass does not contain gluten.


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