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Aloe Vera Juice: A Functional Medicine Secret Weapon

Aloe Vera Juice - A Functional Medicine Secret Weapon

Dr. Kasia Kines, Nutritionist, CEO and founder of EBV Educational Institute

Virtual clinic serving the US and globally

Last week we shared a recipe for our favorite Satisfying Healthy Soda. The secret ingredient to punch up the health factor was Ultimate Aloe Vera Juice by Nutrametrix. We listed off some of the impressive nutrients you can find in Aloe Vera Juice but wanted to give you some more reasons why you should add this to your health regimen.

If you’re looking for Gastrointestinal SUPPORT and last weeks list of reasons wasn’t even to convince you of the amazing benefits of this product, here are some even more impressive reasons to jump on the Aloe Vera wagon…

  • Mucilage: aloe vera stimulates mucus secretion that protects and lubricates the GI tract; Nutrametrix aloe vera powder does not provide this support but liquid does
  • Gut Lining: Stimulation of growth of epithelial cells (the cells lining our gut); very supportive in gut damaged by chemo, radiation or other factors
  • Tumor preventive; adjunct in cancer treatment (Nutrametrix brand; certain components in natural aloe can increase risk of tumor, but these are extracted from this brand of aloe, so it is safe)
  • Microbiome: promotes healthy gut flora
  • Enzymatic support: aloe contains critical enzymes that trigger the chemical reaction of vitamins, minerals and hormones for normal functioning of the body and that promote digestive health: carboxypepsidase (for proteins), amylase (for starches), catalase (for hydrogen peroxide), cellulase (for cellulose), and lipase (for water insoluble lipids); alkaline phosphates, SGO transaminase, SGP transaminase, lactic dehydrogenase, oxidase, peroxidase, catalase, bradykinase, gamma transaminase, carboxypeptidase and cellulase. Some of its enzymes break down toxins and dead cells
  • Motility – improves bowel motility/decreases stool specific gravity; note: aloe is known for laxative effect: Nutrametrix brand does NOT have that effect and so higher doses are generally very well tolerated without inducing loose stools.
  • GERD/Heartburn and Hydrochloric acid effect: through direct action on histamine receptors, aloe may support appropriate HCL levels and also has a buffering effect on HCL acidity without blocking HCL; it may promote bicarbonate activity, which can decrease GI discomfort
  • Digestion: decreases bloating and flatulence after meals (studies by Jeffrey Bland, PhD and Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine)
  • Vitamin bioavailability increase for Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin B12
  • Kidney stones: significantly increases excretion of citrate, calcium, oxalate- potential for prevention of kidney stones

Some specific ANTIMICROBIAL claims:

Antibacterial: In vitro data: Aloe gel is bacteriostatic or bactericidal against a variety of common wound-infecting bacteria in vitro: Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus progenies, Serratia marcescens, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, E. coli, Salmonella typhosa and Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Aloe-emodin also inhibits the growth of Helicobacter pylori in a dose-dependent fashion.

Antiviral: In vitro data: Acemannan acts alone and synergistically with azidothymidine (AZT) and acyclovir to block reproduction of Herpes and the AIDS virus.

Antifungal (e.g. candida) = if topically used, use the same brand, Nutrametrix,  of Aloe Vera Gel. I find it very effective for topical fungus with patients.

Antiparasitic, etc.


Aloe helps turn on and off the immune system appropriately whether is it up or down-regulated; beta-glucomannans stimulate immune system. It protects from increase in gut dysfunction and maldigestion resulting from impaired immune system; it potentiates WBC activation;  it increases number and activity of macrophages, Katural Killer Cells, and monocytes. In vitro data: Acemannan increases monocyte and macrophage activity and cytotoxicity, stimulates killer T-cells and enhances macrophage candidacidal activity in vitro.  Acemannan enhances macrophage release of interleukin–1 (LI-1), interleukin-6 (IL-6), tumor necrosis factor alpha, and interferon gamma in a dose-dependent fashion.


Aloe vera promotes normal inflammatory response; it contains salicylic acid that blocks prostaglandin and thromboxane production from arachidonic acid, reducing inflammation; it also contains phytosterols that work as anti-inflammatory agents; it is effective in inflammatory conditions like Stomach and Duodenal Ulcer, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s, IBS, Gastritis.

Ultimate Aloe Vera Juice by NutrametrixWhich Aloe Vera Should You Use?

Just for your information, there are many more medical claims of the benefits of aloe vera. However, I ONLY support one brand Ultimate Aloe Vera by Nutramterix: because I trust it, it is safe, and it delivers. Its therapeutic effect exceeds other products i have seen on the market. I use it personally and for my family members, and it delivers every time for us. Here is why I only trust this brand:

1. Possibly harmful constituents have been removed

Aloe Latex contains anthraquinone glycosides, the main one being aloin, which should not be used by anyone with inflammatory intestinal disease, such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, or appendicitis. Latex should not be used by children, or by women during pregnancy or breast-feeding. In people with constipation, aloe latex should not be used for more than ten consecutive days (lead to dependency and fluid loss). The laxative properties can cause severe cramping, bloody diarrhea and nausea. Latex occurs naturally and therefore, when juicing your own aloe vera plant, you will be exposed to it. Ultimate Aloe is virtually free of undesirable components such as aloin and other anthraquinones (aloin: 1 ppm or less) confirmed by an independent university laboratory.

2. Certification by International Aloe Science Council (IASC)

It is a very stringent certification process is by an independent lab for aloe content and truth in labeling; it certifies raw materias and finished products.  The facility is audited annually and recertification is required every 3 years. This product has maintained this certification. Of other popular brands of aloe vera juice on the market, only Lily of the Desert has that certification (as far as I could find it at a time), but it does not have the potency of Ultimate Aloe.See #4 below for details.

3. Quality

The processing of this aloe uses MAO weighted assey, branched at 1-4 and right pollysaccharides components. Its quality is analyzed for chemical and physical characteristics and in-vitro assays for monitoring biological activity. The manufacturer of this aloe vera juice is the only supplier with a full range of biological, chemical and medicinal R&D capabilities.

4. Higher Bioavailability and Potency: 150%

Activaloe” used is a patent that provides a specific polysaccharide molecular weight profile which has been shown to enhance bioactivity. Ultimate Aloe contains three times more polymers than aloe gel and 50 percent more active components than is required to achieve maximum benefits by being consumed orally. That means it contains 150% aloe vera. Moreover, it contains BOTH aloe gel and aloe juice as opposed to other products.

It is important to use aloe vera that has been processed in a manner to stabilize the aloe and stop the enzymes from continuing to break down the polysaccharides. This normally has to be done in the first four to six hours after severing the leaf from the mother plant. The company preserves the bioactive content of the aloe, which they have found to be the 50-100,000 molecular weight (mw or dalton) polysaccharides. Most processors fail to do this and end up with 5-50,000 daltons, which have considerably less bioactive capability (shown in immune restoration and cell proliferation studies).

Whole leaf is used in this product. Aloe is made from 100 percent aloe vera through a unique whole leaf process, using only certified leaves.

Where do I get this aloe vera juice?

The link to the product is at the top of this blog.

Practical Secrets from Kasia

I do not normally endorse any product on my website in a blog. But the aloe is just too therapeutic and helpful for hundreds of my patients.

Please note that the strawberry-kiwi flavor lists an artificial flavor, and that is mislabeled. I wish they corrected it already, as it is actually from a variety of fruits. This is the most favorite flavor for children and also my husband, while my favorite is pomegranate (with real pomegranate juice in it). If you are very compromised, you may want to start with natural flavor.

There is a little bit of preservative, which I had to make peace with- much less than the state of California allows. Really minute amounts. Real aloe juice is very unstable: I remember my mother telling me when my grandmother juiced aloe for her and put it in my mother’s fridge, where my mom forgot about it. Soon enough, when she checked, it was moldy. I do have to say that I have worked with this aloe for many years with hundreds and hundreds of very ill patients and it has been a marvelous addition to healing and is very well tolerated despite the preservative. To avoid the preservative altogether, please try the same product in its powder form.

Just 2 oz twice a day is all you need. Keep refrigerated. Best on empty stomach, but in case of heartburn/indigestion, you can use as needed.

If you have more questions about this aloe or aloe in general, please share with us here!!!

Dr. Kasia Kines, Nutritionist, CEO and founder of EBV Educational Institute

Virtual clinic serving the US and globally


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