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Lentil Cauliflower Curry

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Lentil and cauliflower curry is a recipe inspired by the famous Indian cuisine. This is a recipe that unites healthy and tasty ingredients.

Cooking with Cauliflower = Yum!

“Cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education” – Mark Twain

Cauliflower belongs to the same cruciferous family as Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and cabbage. Therefore it contains the same compounds that may help prevent cancer by stopping enzymes from activating cancer-causing agents, and  increase activity of enzymes that disable and eliminate carcinogens.

In its nutritional make up cauliflower is similar to the powerful broccoli although it contains lower levels of vitamins, minerals, carotene and chlorophyll (the latter two would give it a different color) than broccoli. Just one cup of raw cauliflower contains 476.2% RDA of Vitamin K. It is a good source of Vitamin C, potassium, phosphorus, and B vitamins. It is always a rich source of boron – it will not grow in boron-deficient soil. 3.5 ounces cooked cauliflower contains only 35 calories, 2,2 g protein, and 3.3 grams fiber.

Cauliflower reduces pitta and kapha and is considered a good brain food.  Because it contains goitrogens, it is not advised to consume excessive amounts of raw cauliflower along with other raw cabbage family members if you have unmanaged hypothyroidism with an additional iodine deficiency. Otherwise, enjoy this vegetable freely, especially cooked!

Health benefits of lentils

Lentils are the second main ingredient in the lentil and cauliflower curry recipe. This legume is rich in different nutrients, which is why many people refer to it as a superfood. First of all, lentils have very low glycemic index rating. In other words, they cannot affect your blood sugar levels while they are providing some great benefits.

They are an excellent source of protein and contribute to the production of energy in the body. Lentils have a high amount of fiber too and as we all know fiber is good for the digestive system- you cannot move your stools and take out your toxins and extra cholesterol without fiber. As a rich source of calcium, lentils are good for the bones and for prevention of osteoporosis. Finally, vitamin B present in lentils optimizes the metabolic rate, keeps the skin healthy and boosts the work of the immune and nervous system.

Types of lentils

Green or French green lentils: they are known for their specific peppery taste; they remain intact and crunchy after cooking.

Red lentils: these are commonly used in Indian soups and dahl. They are a little bit sweeter, and they cook into a thick gravy in a matter of minutes, changing the color to yellow. They are perfect to make thick sauces because they do not hold shape. They are also most practical since they cook so fast.

The brown lentils are bigger than French lentils and have a mild flavor; they can be used in almost every dish where lentils are required. They keep their shape even once cooked and have dark brown color.

What is Madras curry?

The lentil and cauliflower curry recipe we have shared includes Madras curry paste. This is a special hot curry paste with a specific red color. It’s known for its hot taste. There is more than one variation of this curry paste on the market. You can prepare one at home or buy a paste from your local grocery store. Different variations come with different ingredients, but they all have at least one ingredient in common – chili powder. With the help of this paste, you will spice up your curry and make it more memorable.

Enjoy this flavorful Lentil Cauliflower Curry! Looking for more recipes with functional nutrition benefits? Follow me on Pinterest!

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