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wi-fi laptops and more

kasia-harapadWe simply Cannot Escape Radiation from Electronics 

To eliminate electromagnetic radiation from the laptop sitting on my lap, I use Harapad- it was inexpensive, I was impressed with their story and it actually stabilizes the laptop too (non-sliding)!  

Harapad has been bio-medical engineered to help maintain safe levels of EFM exposure. Independent research has shown that it helps reduce low magnetic radiation and radio frequency.

You can get It Here! I am really excited to share this with you today because I KNOW you are on your laptop, probably even watching a movie, or perhaps writing a book or a paper. Perhaps you are taking a nap and listening to music on your laptop while it is sitting comfortably…on your vital organs!!!! Do you you sit with it on your lap for hours at a time? I have to spend hours reading and writing for my doctoral program and when I am too tired to sit in front of my computer, I grab my laptop too. Well, you know it as well as me that it is NOT healthy!!! I bought Harapad and love using it because decreases the heat from the laptop, but more importantly, it prevents the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from it. And I love it and want you to get  one too.

Here is the Harapad link again

Your Wi-Wi Routers

The fact is that we do not even realize they are a very strong and constant source of electromagnetic field.  What can you do?

You can visit 2 websites that both have products you can use.

  1.  I have 2 mesh bags from them that I use on our routers. They have many more products.
  2.   They have a mesh box. Make sure you check dimensions of your router.

Cell Phones and More

Do not underestimate your daily EFM exposure: from your  cell phones, laptop devices too close to our bodies to airplanes, trains, automobiles, smart meters, microwave ovens and wireless routers, to mention a few.

Health Risks Associated with Electromagnetic Radiation

Prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation has been associated with male infertility and decreased sperm motility, brain tumor, melatonin disruption, cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s Disease, leukemia, cancers (breast, skin). EMR has the ability to damage DNA and disrupt blood brain barrier!!! The last two are particularly dangerous. Even Environmental Protection Agency now recommends “prudent avoidance”.

Harapad has come additional products such as low emission head set, armband for the phone, cell phone pocket shield and and sleep shield and more. Here is the link. 

Here are two blogs with more details I wrote on the topic of EMF and more practical solutions:

Exposure to Electromagnetic Field Reactivates EBV

Article on cell phone hygiene to minimize EMF


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