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Wellness for our Animal Companions

When your 5 year-old has a tummy ache, you will hear about it, but when your companion animal struggles with pain, fear, insecurity, frustration from neighboring cats, or more, we really cannot ask them so that we can provide solutions and relieve their issues. Animal communication can be discounted by many just like amalgam mercury vapors (just because you cannot see them without special equipment), but from my experience, nothing is further from the truth. Animals can explain what makes them unwell if you find the right person to talk to them. Animal communication has made a huge impact on our family life with our animals.

Animal Wellness through Communication

Animal Wellness through CommunicationWe humans have the ability to telepathically communicate with each other, but we have not exercised or cultivated it for a long time, and so we have almost lost it. I was fascinated reading about the Aboriginal culture in Australia- they did that when they hunted. Animals do that together. If you have more than one companion animal, rest assured that they talk to each other all the time.

Animal communicators are people that have been born with the gift of being able to tap into that telepathic communication. Sometimes they can even help find a lost animal, depending if the animal is able to communicate enough about the location to find it.

Even if you are skeptical, for the sake of your animal companion, try the service if you need help figuring out if there is something going on with your animal companion or if there is a big life change coming, so they understand. Let me share some stories from our life with you. Our trusted animal communicator has changed our lives.

When our kitty Charlie recently started to urinate out of the litter box, I immediately talked to Lynn.  I had been giving him a new treat, raw dried salmon, which I never had done before, knowing that fish is not healthy for a cat every day. He was stuck on dry foods all his life (even though we used the cleanest brands available), and this daily treat tipped him over, creating uric crystals in the bladder that caused pain when he urinated. He thought the litter box was causing the pain, so he was trying to pee in different places.

What we did is negotiate! We asked if he was willing to at least upgrade to moist food to take that pain away (this would not have been possible before). And he agreed. We test-drove various brands, and we found what he liked.  He told Lynn he was also enjoying the new raised bowl and the way I was warming up each meal (no microwave). The urination stopped right away.

Before we moved from Baltimore to Seattle, we talked to our animals about it a few times with Lynn’s help. Our parrot Serengeti joked he could fly as high as the plane and promised he would be very compliant at the airport check in (Mark was highly anxious about a possibility of him breaking free in panic and flying out at the airport). And I have to say, he was so compliant and did so beautiful, we were impressed. He later told Lynn that he was also trying to make Mark laugh and relax during our private check in- and I know exactly what he meant because I saw it myself.

When it was time to get into the car to drive to the airport and fly in our move to Seattle, it was too hectic for me to call Lynn as schedule to remind the animals what it was finally happening NOW. As a result, Charlie got scared and peed as soon as we got in the car. But I had time at the airport before boarding, so we had a call with Lynn, who walked them through every part of the boarding and flying process.

She explained to Charlie and Serengeti that we would be sitting right there and they just needed to take a very long nap. She reminded Charlie that he needed to hold the pee, and he had already told us before that he could hold it that long. Once she talked to the animals, there was a visible shift in their anxiety because now they knew what to expect- they had already forgotten our previous conversation about the move and now they remembered and were on the same page with us. They both ended up just quietly napping and did not complain at all during the long flight. I just could not believe it. There were also no more peeing accidents from Charlie at any point of our trip.

“What’s that”?

 This is already a famous story among our friends. We were midflight on our move to Seattle. Lynn had already talked to the animals and they were no longer anxious, napping, and so were Mark and I. Lynn later told me she was in the middle of dinner in her Wisconsin home at that time, where out of the blue there was a sense of turbulence she felt and then the question popped right there and then from Charlie “What’s that?” As she was chewing on her bite, Lynn gently told him, “oh Charlie, you have nothing to worry about- it is just turbulence from the wind and it will pass. You can go back to sleep”. And Lynn went about her dinner. She did not hear from Charlie again during the flight. And we made it to the new home sound and safe.

Precious moments you would miss

Charlie has recently interrupted our zoom conversation: he sat in front of the computer staring at Lynn and then would not stop scratching the screen until we paused our conversation. “Ok Lynn, what is Charlie needing here?” I asked. Lynn started laughing. “He is asking when I am coming to Seattle to visit him”. LOL!!! Apparently, the EBV book is also very important for Charlie and he cannot wait for it to be out in people’s hands. No wonder every time I was writing, he would roll in a ball and sleep right next to my laptop. Every time. He told Lynn he was putting his finishing touches on the book.

We will be going on a weekend retreat to a beautiful spa hotel on the open ocean later in the spring. Our animals have never seen the open sea and we will have a view on it from the hotel. I cannot wait to share with them about the trip, and of course, we will ask Lynn to walk them through the car ride and the hotel accommodation and they will know what to expect and will be happy that we have decided to include them in our plan. I also cannot wait to hear what they think about the ocean!

Give it a Try

I so hope in my heart of hearts that more people take advantage of people like Lynn Schuster as her gift has made such a difference in our family life, and we now have a much deeper understanding of and connection to our animal companions. It is also so wonderful to know you have support if you need to troubleshoot, share something important with your animal, or check on them.

If you would like to learn more about our Lynn Schuster, here is her website:

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