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Vietnamese Tofu Spring Rolls

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Egg rolls are variations of fried foods usually made with meat even though they contain vegetables too. People use different types of meat including chicken and pork to prepare this food. In addition, egg rolls are wrapped with a thick wrapper which is based on eggs. The veggies used in egg rolls usually include carrots and cabbage. There is no doubt that egg rolls are popular, but as the awareness of the importance of health grows, more and more people are turning to spring rolls as a healthy alternative. Spring rolls are similarly rolled appetizers originating from Southeast and East Asia. The main difference is that they are usually made only from vegetables.

The fact that spring rolls often come without meat is one of the main reasons why people prefer them. In addition, spring rolls are served without being fried and cold, another great advantage of eating this type of rolled appetizers. Spring rolls come with a rice paper wrapper, which is different than the deep-fried wrapper made with egg and wheat flour found in egg rolls.

Spring rolls are tasty because they can be dipped in different sauces. One of the most used sauces is kecap manis. For those who didn’t know, this is the Indonesian term for sweet soy sauce. Kecap manis has a distinctive sweet taste. This aromatic soy sauce comes with a dark color and has a texture of syrup. The sweet soy sauce contains roasted grain, boiled black soybeans, Aspergillus wentii mold and water. Due to its specific taste, it can’t be used in every meal, but spring rolls taste fantastic when kecap manis is present.

The History of Spring Rolls

While we are talking about spring rolls, it is good to learn more about their history. As we have mentioned before, they are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and fillings which make it a little bit difficult to determine the origin of this delicious snack. What is known for sure is that people in East and Southeast Asia have used it for many hundreds of years. Most experts agree that China can be considered the home of this snack.

Back in those days, they were a seasonal food which was obviously used during the spring. Chinese people have used a pancake form food packed with fresh spring veggies. This was considered to be the best way to boost the level of nutrients after the winter period when fresh fruits and vegetables were not available.

It is also good to know that spring rolls have been used for a very long period of time in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and South Korea. There are similar foods in Europe and Central and South America too.

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