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Tofu Scramble

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Tofu was discovered more than two millennia ago in China. It is produced from crushed, pressed and cooked soybeans. It has a distinctive bright white color and it is usually found in stores in the form of rectangles or cubes. Even though it has reached Western countries in the 20th century, many Asian cuisines have used tofu since ancient times. There are many people who associate it with vegetarian food, but actually it is great addition to any diet. One of the reasons why it is becoming more popular today is the fact that numerous scientific studies and research have confirmed that this tasty food brings many health benefits.  Just always make sure that it is either GMO-free or organic certified.

The Health Benefits of Tofu

First of all, tofu contains omega-3 fatty acids. These specific fatty acids are great for heart health because they prevent the emergence of blood clots. In addition, they prevent blockage of arteries caused by clots, too. These are some of the factors that lead to heart attack and heart disease.

Recent studies suggest that it is good for menopausal women as well. It is rich in calcium, which can fight menopause symptoms and help prevent early menopause. It is very successful against bone density loss and hot flashes and some experts believe that tofu can also stabilize estrogen levels and ease rheumatoid arthritis pain.

Those interested in losing weight can rely on tofu because this food has low amount of calories. One cup has 190 calories while a cup of cheese has 320 calories. In addition, this food doesn’t contain saturated fats and has a very low amount of fat in it.

People witness hair loss due to insufficient amount of keratin protein. Soy in tofu supports the regeneration of keratin in the body and the hair growth naturally. Many women use it as an ideal, natural replacement for costly hair loss treatments. It also makes existing hair livelier and healthier.

Want to help prevent premature aging? Although the aging process is inevitable and natural, we can still preserve the properties of our skin and muscles. There is a special homemade tofu paste that tones and nourishes skin when it is applied directly.

Finally, tofu contains selenium, a mineral that helps prevent viral infections, the development of colon cancer, and supports thyroid, to name a few. Selenium supports the work of the anti-oxidant processes in our body and doesn’t allow the formation of a suitable environment for colon cancer.

Choosing the Best Tofu for your Recipe

If you are planning to prepare some recipe that includes tofu, you should be careful with its firmness.
Silken or Japanese tofu represents a relatively thick liquid with a similar firmness like heavy cream. It is usually used in dips, soups, smoothies and desserts.

Extra firm or brick tofu serves as a meat alternative in vegan and vegetarian cuisines. It is the most common kind found on the market, very easy to fry, and can be used in many different meals. It can be frozen, and when defrosted, has a chewy and more meat-like consistency.

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