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Welcome to my practice!!! I am so thrilled you found us and are on a healing journey. I hope together with my team, I can provide plenty of support for you moving forward!

I just want to make sure you know how many resources are already available for you and what is coming:

  1. is for anyone with Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) questions! We continue adding more pages and more helpful information, especially if you need validation for medical conditions associated with or caused by EBV when discussing it with your doctor, if you need to do testing but do not have a doctor to run it (I provide a direct to consumer lab with the right panel, so you do NOT have to spend a year or two finding a doctor who will agree to test you!), and also we have a whole page for your lab result interpretation, so you can understand better what the lab results mean, a common challenge…and more!
  2. My EBV Solution book has been changing lives and if you decide to buy it, visit us on our website to claim your free gifts (I think you will find them extremely beneficial, practical and simple!!). All you need is your book receipt.
  3. is our main website with helpful materials I have collected over the years for your wellness. Especially check Resources, Media, and blogs, video blogs, podcasts and recipes with recipe blogs. Also check Wellness Resources, which include water filtration and EMF support to name a few.
  4. EBV Educational Institute is where I train and certify other practitioners in my methodology of EBV recovery. Here is the website page for the Institute. Practitioners can sign up for updates on training.
  5. I am member of Mindshare, a collective of forward looking and pioneering health visionaries with a mission to make this planet a better place. We collaborate in online summits, share interviews and podcasts, and share online events with our communities so that needed cutting edge health related information can reach anyone, free of charge. You can expect me to share invites with you to such free online events, whether it is toxic molds, heavy metals, EMF, healthy pregnancy and more, with top experts and newest therapies.
  6. We do our best to provide meaningful newsletters for you on a regular basis, whether you need help with EBV or other health challenges. While my focus is on EBV support and education, I want to make sure that I incorporate news and tips for anyone, so all readers can benefit. If I have more time, I will also add more recipes to the newsletters as I know readers love those.

Between my two websites and the newsletters, I hope you will find many good resources for your healing journey!!! And if you have more specific requests, feel free to email us back!

Thank you again for joining us.
To your Health and Wellness!

Dr. Kasia Kines
Doctor of Clinical Nutrition

If you want to transform your life, if you want health and wellness, if you want peace of mind, there isn’t a better investment than working with Kasia.~ Beth