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LIVE October 12 from 9-10:30am PT

summer workshops!!!

by Kasia Kines

Virtual clinic serving the US and globally.

Summer Cooking Demo!Welcome to summer and with it simple, delicious and seasonal foods and snacks! We are planning a summer cooking demo class! Will you join us?  It is $75 per participant and that includes the cost of food as well as tasty sampling. We will set the schedule for this fun workshop with the committed group so that everyone can attend. The demo will be in our clinic.Please contact us with details or to register.

Summer Guided Tour to the best local Health Food Store MOM’s

We are forming a summer group to visit MOM’s and learn what it has to offer. This is a fun trip, about 2 hours, and handouts with delicious recipes will be provided. It is $45 for our patients and $50 for all others, per person. P$5 dollars off for bringing a friend!

Please email [email protected] directly with details or to register.

by Kasia Kines

Virtual clinic serving the US and globally.


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    Can you explain what a Breath test is for?


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