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Best Shower Filter for Your Water

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Why is Water Filtration so Important for Your Shower?

Because, simply put, chlorine, which you have in your shower water, is toxic. It’s not just the water I’m concerned with but the compounds it converts into in the human body that we can inhale from the vapors while taking the shower. Chlorine is added to water to kill pathogens. I always wonder what it does to our microbiome when it lands in the intestinal tract or our skin (which has a natural protective microbiome too). Also, like fluoride, chlorine is a halogen and competes with iodine, having a potential to affect your thyroid function. On a more aesthetic level, chlorine dries out skin and can be a skin irritant, especially for children. And it smells.

Shower water also contains traces of many chemicals, including herbicides and pesticides, as well as oral contraceptives and other medications, which is a serious new(-er) concern to the World Health Organization – water treatment systems have not been designed to filter out medications!

My Favorite Shower Water Filter

Shower Water Filter Replacement | Kasia Kines - Functional MedicineI’ve tried various water fitters on my shower over the years, and I have to say that the best one, hands down, is one made by Aquasana. Our affiliate link here will provide you with an additional 10% discount as part of our community.

The company has auto ship and reward systems, so you can set your reship for every 6 months, which is how often you need to replace it. Here is a photo of my shower filter (the white part).

Why I Use this Filter Best

This is definitely the best shower filter I’ve found on the market. It has a two-stage filtration system. The first stage removes the chlorine and enhances the pH balance with KDF-55D, copper-zinc natural media. The second stage uses a carbonized coconut shell medium that helps reduce chemicals, THMs (DBPs), and VOCs that you also inhale in the vapor. It also has a unique up flow design, which keeps the water pressure steady and prevents clogging. That is important- other brands I used before would cake/clog to such a degree that I had to not only replace the filter but remove the whole thing. I was not able to remove just the filter to replace it.

You can expect your skin to look better and be less dry or flaky and your hair feel smoother. It will make a noticeable difference. You will also be protecting yourself from inhaling toxic vapors.

To learn more about Aquasana quality/standards/certifications, click here.


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Kasia Kines

Dr. Kasia Kines, Nutritionist, CEO and Founder, EBV Global Institute





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