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Sauteed Kale with Ginger

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Kale may not be the most popular vegetable, but it is definitely one of the healthiest veggies out there. Kale belongs to the cabbage family and people can easily grow it in their yard. It comes with a specific taste that makes it suitable for a wide range of dishes. Now let’s check the health benefits of kale.

Kale: A Mean Green Health Machine

For starters, kale can help our vision and teeth health. Namely, one cup will provide the full daily recommended amount of vitamin A, so you will need a relatively small amount of kale to witness some serious positive change after a while.

Kale is rich in indole-3-carbinol and this compound supports the body’s effort to combat different hazardous chemicals that we consume through other foods. This compound often triggers abnormal fat storage release, which means that it prevents weight gain too.

Kale has a lot of components rich in sulfur which makes it excellent for combating cancerous compounds found in the body. In addition, several trials on lab animals have shown that the substances found in kale can also lower the dimensions of tumors.

Considered to be one of the best diet foods because it comes with the very low amount of calories – one cup contains about 35 calories. The presence of vitamin C makes it great for combating infections and accelerating the healing process while the presence of vitamin B12 makes it excellent for nervous system optimization.

Kale is an excellent natural source of calcium, which helps the body maintain its bone strength and joint health. It is also worth mentioning that kale is rich in manganese, and as such it is great for burning fat and increasing the production of energy from protein and carbs.

The second important ingredient in this recipe is ginger. Ginger was used in cases of various digestive problems for hundreds of years. It is especially popular in cases of gas, bloating, heartburn, cramping, diarrhea, and nausea. Ginger supports the production of digestive juices. This plant provides very strong anti-inflammatory effects. In other words, with the help of ginger, you will be able to keep yourself safe from swelling and pain. You can use it topically and orally.

Ginger is good for the immune system because it can eliminate harmful toxins. At the same time, ginger keeps people dealing with diabetes safe from damage to their kidneys. There are few other health benefits of using ginger like its ability to aid people with asthma and the potential of ginger to combat cancer. Besides that, ginger can manage body odor and keep the mind healthy.

Preparing fresh ginger is quite simple. All you need to do is to remove the skin with the top of your teaspoon, slice the ginger or grate it with a microplane. After that, you can use it together with kale to create a delicious and healthy all-natural meal that can help your health on many levels.

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