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HARApad EMF Shielding


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We simply Cannot Escape Radiation from Electronics.

To eliminate electromagnetic radiation from the laptop sitting on my lap, I use Harapad – it was inexpensive, I was impressed with their story and it actually stabilizes the laptop too (non-sliding)!

Harapad has been bio-medical engineered to help maintain safe levels of EFM exposure. Independent research has shown that it helps reduce low magnetic radiation and radio frequency.

I am really excited to share this with you today because I KNOW you are on your laptop, probably even watching a movie, or perhaps writing a book or a paper. Perhaps you are taking a nap and listening to music on your laptop while it is sitting comfortably…on your vital organs!!!! Do you you sit with it on your lap for hours at a time? I have to spend hours reading and writing for my doctoral program and when I am too tired to sit in front of my computer, I grab my laptop too. Well, you know it as well as me that it is NOT healthy!!! I bought Harapad and love using it because decreases the heat from the laptop, but more importantly, it prevents the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from it. And I love it and want you to get one too.

Harapad now also provides a variety of products for phones. I am currently using their low EMF ear piece for the phone. They have two kinds, so you should be able to use it regardless of what phone you use.


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