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Green Chai Tea

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Green tea has very impressive health benefits. It is an antioxidant.  The polyphenols in green tea are most responsible for its health benefits, with the major ones being flavonoids, the most active of which is epigallacatechin gallate. Green tea has been shown to inhibit cancer cells and carcinogens such as nitrosamines and to detoxify or trap cancer causing agents.  The cancers it can help prevent are stomach, small intestines, pancreas, colon, lungs, and especially breast and prostate cancer. It helps prevent heart disease, strengthen the immune system, reduce cavities, and retard atherosclerosis. Tea contains B vitamin folacin, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin K, riboflavin, some calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, fluoride, sodium, nickel and zinc. It reduces kapha.

Green Tea or Black Tea?

Green tea is much more beneficial than black tea.  While green tea is so reputable for cancer prevention, black tea actually may increase the risk of certain cancers, e.g. rectal, gallbladder and endometrial cancer. Green or black tea is the same tea leaf, just processed differently. Green leaves are steam heated to deactivate their enzymes and dried immediately after harvest. Black tea leaves, on the other hand, are fermented through enzymatic oxidation. Another difference between the two types of tea is that 6 oz green tea contains 8-16mg caffeine while 6 oz of black tea comes with 25-110mg. If you consider that 6 oz drip coffee contains 60-180 mg caffeine, black tea is quite robust too!

When to Avoid Tea

Tea contains tannins, which are growth depressants and excessive tea consumption can deplete iron – for these reasons tea should not be drunk in excess by children. While it is also believed that green tea should be avoided by people with calcium oxalate kidney stones, research actually suggests otherwise – green tea appears to inhibit formation of urinary stones due to the activity of EGCG.

Why Did We Change the Traditional Chai Tea Recipe?

Chai is a traditional spiced milk tea from India, with cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, pepper and cloves.  In India, it is always made out of black tea. We are using green tea instead for the extra health boost and opted for non-dairy milk because cow’s milk added to tea actually inhibits the tea’s antioxidant activity.

Enjoy this Green Chai Tea recipe! Looking for more recipes with functional nutrition benefits? Follow me on Pinterest!

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