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Episode 1: Improve your communication with your animal companions during and beyond COVID19 with Lynn Schuster

Audio Version Below:

Lynn Schuster is a leading animal communication expert and teacher. She is the founder and CEO of Animal Spirit Talker. As a Telepathic Animal Communicator, Lynn has the ability to hear what the animals have to say and she is able to help strengthen and bond relationships between animals and their human families. Through a meditative process, she hears and senses what the animals have to say. She helps people to connect with their animals, encouraging love and healing for both the animals and their human families.

In this Episode of What Matters with Dr. Kines we talk about how to help our animals during the unsettling time of COVID19 quarantine and fears, how heart opening and breath can help you communicate with your animal companion, how to take out their fear that they have done something wrong and you will leave them, what their job in your life is and what their message to us is. You will hear their perspective on us, our problems and what they came here to do for you.


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