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EBV Transformational Workshop

LIVE April 18-19 from 10am-12pm PT

Dr. Kasia Kines on The Wahls Protocal Seminar Virtual Experience

You can reclaim your health from the debilitating symptoms of your autoimmune or chronic disease. Your disease does not have to define your future – Understanding your unique autoimmune triggers will help you create a personalized healing protocol to transform your health and help you feel good once again. Dr. Kines was invited by Terry Whals, MD to be a featured speaker during the seminar which runs July 6-9, 2021. Dr. Kines’ show is on July 9 at 11am CST.

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  1. Posted on June 29, 2021 at 12:09 PM by Janice L. Bailey

    I am interested in registering for Terry Whals seminar with guest Dr. Kines


If you want to transform your life, if you want health and wellness, if you want peace of mind, there isn’t a better investment than working with Kasia.~ Beth