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Carrot Beet Slaw

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Carrots and beets are two vegetables with contrasting colors. However, they have one thing in common. They have a sweet taste and can act as a substitute to natural sugar.

Benefits of carrots

Rich in beta-carotene, carrots can improve vision. According to extensive human studies, just eating 1 carrot a day could cut the rate of lung cancer in half! Carrots also protect from other types of cancer: breast (20% decrease in menopausal women) and  up to 50% decrease in bladder, cervix, prostate, colon, larynx, and esophagus cancer. They have fantastic anti-aging properties. The vitamin A content in carrots can promote healthy skin.

You can apply shredded carrots on cuts and bruises to prevent infection! The high degree of carotenoid promotes a lower risk of heart disease and stroke. In one study of 1300 elderly persons, those that had at least 1 serving of carrots a day had a 60% reduction in their risk of heart attacks compared to those that ate less than 1 serving of carotenoid-rich foods a day. By reducing the bile as well as the fat in the liver, carrots can cleanse the body, and they have great use in dental care: they can clean your teeth as well as your gums.

Benefits of beets

The naturally occurring nitrates in the beet can help lower the blood pressure. Drinking beet juice before exercise can increase your stamina levels. Beets, a source of betaine, can help fight inflammation and protect the internal organs. The phytonutrients in the beets give it the red color. They have the ability to fight cancer as well because of betacyanin, the purple-crimson color that is a potent anti-cancer agent. That, along with the fiber content, seems to have especially protective effect against colon cancer.

Beets have a high content of Vitamin C and phosphorus. This is good for your liver, kidneys, and the pancreas as well. Beets can help in the detoxification of the body and help “build” blood in anemic individuals.

In a study of patients with stomach cancer, beet juice inhibited nitrosamines, which are carcinogens formed when eating smoked or cured meat, as well as cell mutations caused by those foods.

Enjoy this simple recipe! Looking for more recipes with functional nutrition benefits? Follow me on Pinterest!

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