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7 Tips for Daily Detoxification eBook

7 Tips for Daily Detoxification eBook by Kasia Kines - Funcational Nutritionist

The 7 Tips for Daily Detoxification is based on the premise that I so absolutely love about human body, that you have a seamlessly running detoxification system in place beautifully managed by your body. Think about the last time you pulled up in front of your house only to realize that you do not even remember how you got there from work. That is how our detox phases 1 and 2 work. Just like not having to make your eyes blink or your lungs take in air, your detox is continuous and running without you having to know it or understand it. Unfortunately, what I see from study after study and from the changes in food industry, food politics and toxicity laws (or their lack) is that we have a double whammy working against us: we now eat worse and have a worse total environmental exposure than we did 10, 20, and 30 years ago and it is getting worse. It will probably continue to worsen in future. At the same time, your body is still running the same detox pathways using the same mechanisms. That is all it has. It does not get any extra tools unless we consciously put them there. Sometimes I feel that all you have to do to eventually get some form of a dis-ease is to live our American lifestyle and eat what food industry is feeding us. That is all it takes. Food is not food is not food.

My intention for The 7 Tips for Daily Detoxification is to give you some delicious, enjoyable and very simple tools just within your kitchen to provide your body that extra boost it needs to be able to process the toxic exposure for you better. Please take me up on my tips and try them. There are many supplements and certainly a lot more great herbs and spices to support your detox, and we do cover them in our Nutrition Revolution 30-Day Reset Program, but I picked the super stars for you that I myself also use.

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