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EBV for Health Professionals – Video Script

Video script:

Hi, my name is Kasia Kines. I am a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition, and I’d like to welcome you here to our Epstein-Barr Educational Institute AND… the Clinician Epstein-Barr Training Program.

Now, I suspect you clicking here and you viewing this video means that you have some concerns about Epstein-Barr and you want to move forward. It’s possible that your clients or clients have been asking you to test or to look for it – they have a hunch, they have been reading, it’s coming to the media attention, and so I have to offer you is very unique because in the last few years of my clinical practice I have actually focused on Epstein-Barr, and I discovered that Chronic Activated Epstein-Barr is the biggest concern, where people are disabled, they lose their health, they lose their livelihood, and it can kill them.

95% of the global population has the antibodies – (it) doesn’t mean we get sick, I teach all that in the Program, but those that do get sick find that their life is changed for ever. Unfortunately, the medical community hasn’t looked into it yet, and when I started doing research and doing literature review, I found that solutions are there, it’s right there, research is there. It is there. I just systemized it, I worked with some of the best clinicians, I pulled things together. I started to apply it to my clients. The results were mind boggling even to me.

So there are cases when you work with somebody who has a lot of complications, which is always the case with the Epstein-Barr clients, and then you hit the wall and you just don’t know… a couple of autoimmune disorders, and chronic fatigue, and multiple sclerosis, and this and that, and typical things that you might think they should respond to are not working.. and then what do you do?

I was there as a clinician. That’s why I kept going. Of course, the best teachers are our clients and our clients. That’s how I started to pursue this.

So my answer to you is there are solutions. I have the protocols, I tweaked them, they worked, so you will be able to help a person with acute mono be up on their feet within the second week of the protocol and give them empowering tools that they can carry throughout the rest of their lives, preventing reinfection in future. That’s very important because what I find it that people are living in anxiety and fear of future.

Let me read you something: “ CAEBV can be suspected in chronic illness which cannot be explained by other disease processes at diagnosis.” That’s a quote from one study. Another study: “In a study of 30 people with CAEBV over a 68 month period, ten of them died of liver failure, malignant lymphoma, and other causes.” That’s a study fro 2001.

Chronic Activated Epstein-Barr Virus and Sever Chronic Activated Epstein Barr Virus are under the radar. And people are suffering. And if a person is actually diagnosed with chronic or reactivated Epstein Barr Virus, they’re lucky. Most people don’t even know what they have. And that is how my story clinically started. I’ve been working with clients for a long time.

And so now I train clinicians like you to teach you what I know to help you help them and spread the word. It’s very important. The point is that it hasn’t been systematized, it hasn’t been put together in one place, people are struggling, clinicians are struggling, they’re scraping by, putting things together here and there. But I show you, I have a book coming up on that which will be both for the doctors and their clients, showing the recovery process. It may take half a year, it make take a year, but there is a recovery. People don’t have to suffer and they don’t have to lose their lives.

So, what about the Program? I am a clinician, I want to make it practical, everyone is busy, so it is online, teleconferencing live program, 4 months, 8 sessions, every other week. We start with educations, with training on the testing, test interpretation, all is based on research, science, and clinical experienced. And then we go through the research that is available, what’s important. And then we look at cases, I show you some of my cases, you bring some of your cases when you suspect it. We work through this together, there is a lot of talking, it is high touch, there is a lot of one on one connection, so the groups are small and intimate. It’s important that every clinician has some time. You have to be working with clients.

You have to be licensed to do it, or with clients. So if you are an MD, ND, Osteopath, Acupuncturist, Dietitian, Nutritionist, etc. you are so welcome!

Now, you know it’s under the radar, you know it’s possible to help people and stop it, reverse it, you know it’s complicated, and now I told you that it is epidemic. It has a potential to change the way people are suffering all over this planet if we spread the word, get that education out.

So now that you’ve heard me, and now that you see what really is the reality of the population that is suffering, how grave it can be…and I’ll tell you more…now that you know that in the last year or so, studies are looking at more of the common types of cancer like colorectal or breast cancer and finding Epstein-Barr there…

…now that you know how important it is to do something about it, and there are tools, you will feel like me responsible to learn, get on board, go back to your clients and patients and help them because they can be on their feet, empowered, with all the tools, living their lives- and that’s the bottom line.

So I hope I can welcome you to the course- I hope you will join us and get on the journey together, so we can get the word out there. Thank you so much.

If you want to transform your life, if you want health and wellness, if you want peace of mind, there isn’t a better investment than working with Kasia.~ Beth