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Join Dr. Kines in living microwave-free. Here is how.

Kasia's 14 Day Ditch the Microwave ChallengeDid you know that approximately 90% of US households have a microwave? It may not be that surprising considering that microwaves are fast, convenient, and easy to use. But have you taken the time to really consider the effects it has on your health? This 14 Day Ditch the Microwave Challenge will help you discover ways to rid yourself of the microwave with tips, tricks and delicious recipes.

Few of us consider the fact that this common kitchen appliance is actually a powerful machine, capable of emitting up to two-thousand watts of electricity and heating food to over 200°F. When you’re heating up leftovers from yesterday’s dinner after a long day at work, how much time do you spend thinking about the potential microwave dangers? The radiation? How do you know that the radiation it emits is not leaking from your microwave? What is the last time you had yours checked for a leakage? Did you know that of all the people I have talked to, I have not yet heard of one who has actually had their microwave tested for leakage? Should pregnant women stand next to the microwave in the kitchen since they do not know if there is any leakage?

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P.S. Looking for more help to ditch your microwave? You can purchase the full ebook here that contains extra tips and recipes to help you with the challenge!

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