Webinar Replay with Dr. Kasia Kines

5 Ways A Detox Can Transform Your Life & 3 Detox Myths

Learn how to thrive in this toxic environment and why this program can and will make a difference!

The body talks. It gives us warnings and calls for attention, yet we do not know what to do with these messages. We just feel unwell, and the longer you go untreated the more serious issues can become. But the solutions are at your fingertips. The right tools, the powerful foods and the support of the right supplements can finally give you not only symptom relief but also will prove to you that your body can thrive given the opportunity.

We are offering this live webinar as a replay because we know you are busy and we don't want you to miss it!

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The Fabulous Fall Detox starts Monday, September 18th...

Everything you need to kick start a healthier you!

Have some extra weight around your waistline that you kept telling yourself you would lose over the summer?

Get control of your sugar and junk food cravings, beat the bloat, and have energy to do all the fall activities you look forward to after a hot summer!

Besides just looking great and having loads of energy our detox also helps to lift brain fog, relieve aches and pains - including headaches, muscle aches, muscle twitches, muscle cramping, numbing in your hands or legs - or stop suffering from indigestion, constipation and diarrhea.

Don't let a lack of energy or any of these symptoms strip you of your fall.... Get started now!

Note: If you have EBV, please contact Kasia directly using the Contact page to receive a discount.

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