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Intro Session

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Welcome to the Intro Session, a teleconference together with me. I have trained for many years to help people with complex health issues who have not been able to get better. It gives me great joy to connect with a person who has been suffering that I can help. This is the time I can hear all about your situation: what you tried, what has and has not worked, and what you are looking for. I can help in 9 out of 10 cases, but we still need to determine if we are a good fit. This session gives you an opportunity to “interview” me and help me assess if I can help you, and if we decide to work together, we will also determine which program will benefit you most, so you can get started. This may be the best $200 you have invested in your health (Note: some preparation time for both of us is involved prior to the Session).

There is no obligation to hire me at the end of the Intro Session. We both have to feel that this is a very good fit. Non-refundable.


Program Commitment: *

Please note: At this time, Dr. Kines has very limited availability for one-on-one services due to her best selling EBV book. By checking below I confirm that I am ready and able to commit to at least a 4-month one-on-one high touch program of intensive and transformational work. I understand that the program will be out of pocket.




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I intend to consult with Kasia on a monthly basis not only for her knowledge-to pick her brain-but I really enjoy being in her presence. She is special in so many ways.~ M.S.