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30-Day Detox Program

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Everything you need to kick start a healthier you!

Besides just looking great and having loads of energy our detox also helps to lift brain fog, relieve aches and pains – including headaches, muscle aches, muscle twitches, muscle cramping, numbing in your hands or legs – or stop suffering from indigestion, constipation and diarrhea.

Don’t let a lack of energy or any of these symptoms strip you of the ability to do your favorite activities…. Get started now!

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6 reviews for 30-Day Detox Program

  1. Avatar

    DE, Owings Mills, MD

    Have you ever heard the phrase…”when the student is ready, the teacher will be there?” I believe that to be a universal truth! And it was certainly my experience.

    My 25yrs of holistic (body, mind, spirit) studies and practices improved my life on so many emotional and spiritual levels. At the same time, I denied my physical being. My weight was at an all time high and in November of 2007, I began having chest pains. I bargained with my soul for 3 days. “Let me have time to clean up things at work before I go check this out, because I know if I go to the hospital, I’m going to be staying for a while.” On the 4th day, I was driving home from work and a commercial came on the radio. This booming voice said: “DON’T WAIT TOO LONG, it could mean the difference between a stroke and a heart attack!” I finally said, ok, ok, I’ll go in the morning. I promise!!! So, I got up, showered, packed a little emergency bag of essential items and drove myself to the hospital…and I stayed for a few days. Bottom line, my weight combined with my blood work showed impending danger. I did my best to lose weight, but I really resisted changing my eating habits over the long term. One night, out of frustration…I said to the universe, I surrender. What I’m doing isn’t working, I need something more.

    Over the next few days, two friends…not one, but two, told me about the work of Kasia Kines, a holistic nutritionist. I resisted some more. I called and spoke to Kasia, and I resisted some more and even began to feel real fear about the change. Then I thought….you can ignore one message, you can’t ignore two! AND didn’t I recently ask for help?!!!

    I began the program, still resistant! After day ONE, yes day ONE of Kasia’s 30 day Whole Foods Detox Program…I felt the difference!!! The student was finally ready, and this fabulous teacher showed up! ALL my cravings for chocolate, bread, red meat, and sugar went away. I asked Kasia why that happened so quickly and she said she thought my body was so starved for nutrients, that when I finally put the right foods in my body, I didn’t have to plow thru all the wrong foods to meet my body’s needs. I felt great! I’m now at the end of week 10. Obviously, I decided to continue beyond the 30 days because I felt so great. My skin improved, my concentration improved, my memory improved, my energy level is up, AND I’ve permanently released 35 pounds!!!!!! Kasia’s knowledge, holistic approach, and caring support made a tremendous difference!!!! I recommend Kasia’s program with all my heart and soul!!!!!

  2. Avatar

NITA, Baltimore, MD

    Kasia, I just want to thank you for being passion about what you do and sharing with people who desperately need your help. Since I signed up for your detox program 9 weeks ago I must say I feel great, not only physically but mentally also, you have taught me to be the best I can be. I have learned so much about the body, good wholesome foods, vitamins, detoxifying, and toxins. I have lost weight and many of my health concerns have disappeared, people say now I have a glow, and I couldn’t agree more. I think if more people knew about your program, the country would be healthier. Your program is amazing and thank you for being there for me.

  3. Avatar

    Mary R.

    Kasia Kines’ detox program is changing my life. I came into the program for a variety of reasons, including my health, compassion for animals, and a desire to reprogram my taste buds. I want to become Vegan and began working toward this goal about a year ago. My goals were the same then as now and I was filled with determination. The problem was that I lacked the knowledge and ‘know-how’ to stay motivated and although I had books to help, it was not enough to create the shift I needed. Eventually I became bored with my regimen and slid back into my old ways of eating and with that, so too did my health begin to backslide. My doctor suggested I contact Kasia. In the detox program, Kasia teaches the why’s as well as the how’s to healthy eating, has taste-testing, a whole-foods shopping tour and she individualizes the program to fit the needs of the client. Kasia’s enthusiasm about the food, her work, and her clients is contagious. I am thrilled to be finding the “YUM” factor in healthy foods and the playfulness to experiment with new foods and not just prepare meals but enjoy creating beautiful, yummy plates of food. And I know that Kasia is the magic that makes this program work so well.

  4. Avatar

    Ana B, G Baltimore, MD

    I lost weight, got rid of bloating, and my skin glows – but that’s not the best part! What was great was that my cravings were ELIMINATED! What a relief and what a better way to live. If you have the chance to work with Kasia, do it!

  5. Avatar

    DB, Sykesville, Maryland

    Below is my testimonial. I am so pleased that I could go on forever but I kept it short. 6 months of eating healthy and I am actually enjoying it! I saw Kasia several times individually before I took the plunge and signed up for the 30 Day Whole Foods Detox Program. I began to lose pounds and unpleasant digestive issues after my first visit and things improved even more during the detox program. I have gained control of my digestive system for the first time in my life and regained my optimism. I have lost unpleasant gut issues, insecurities about food choices, and quite a few pounds. Kasia is extremely knowledgeable and supportive. Please take the opportunity and let Kasia help you make some wonderful changes in your life.

  6. Avatar

    Georgia, Washington, DC

    Kasia Kines’ 30-day Detox Program is one of the best investments I’ve ever made in myself. The long-term health benefits, energy and nutrition education from the program more than pay for the cost of the class. The manual for the class would easily be a best seller if published and I carry my manual with me to read and reference wherever I head out to an appointment or commute. The Nutrametrix regime, too, is worth the investment in yourself, especially the OPC3.

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