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Potato Parsley Soup

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When the temperature goes down, people want to eat warm, tasty foods like soups. But, it turns out that soups are great even during summer months. This is especially true when it comes to potato parsley soup which contains a huge number of healthy ingredients.

The Power of Potatoes

It is obvious that potatoes are one of the two most important ingredients found in the potato parsley soup. This is a very nutritious vegetable that tastes great. That’s why people use it in so many different meals. But, what many people don’t know is that potatoes have many health benefits.

First of all, potatoes are rich in starch and as we all know starch provides energy. Many people feel that their energy levels are low these days, but thanks to potatoes they can solve this problem. Of course, when you use them as part of a potato parsley soup the effects are even better. Furthermore, one mid-sized potato contains about 50% of the daily requirement of vitamin C. Potatoes are also known as a great source of iron and due to the fact that vitamin C increases the bioavailability of minerals, you can expect to maximize the effects of iron found in potatoes.

Potatoes are rich in potassium, a mineral that supports the work of the cardiovascular system and the digestion system, This mineral also supports our muscles. Additionally, potatoes contain a significant amount of B Vitamins like B6, B3 and B1 vitamins, magnesium and phosphorus. Finally, potatoes are an excellent source of antioxidants, compounds that can prevent many diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Why are white potatoes actually not bad for your health?

White potatoes are considered high Glycemic Index foods. This means that they can increase blood sugar levels. Some experts suggest that these foods can also create insulin management problems too. However, as we have mentioned before, potatoes are also an excellent source of many different nutrients including many vitamins and minerals. So, are white potatoes good or bad for your health? The answer is simple – it all depends on how much white potatoes you want to eat a day and what you eat with them. In the case of potato parsley soup, these potatoes are very healthy.

Health benefits of parsley

Parsley is rich in enzymes. These enzymes affect the digestive system in a positive way by dissolving nutrients from the food we consume. In addition, parsley can help our kidneys by supporting the process of detoxification of the body. Namely, parsley is a strong natural diuretic. This vegetable stimulates the liver and cleanses the kidneys. These are just some of the many health benefits that this vegetable brings.

Types of parsley

The most popular type is Italian parsley. It comes with flat leaves and has a great level of essential oils in it. It is perfect for soups. The curly leaved parsley is usually used for garnishing and seasoning meals. Finally, the Hamburg root parsley is the least popular parsley. It is interesting that people usually use the roots of this type of parsley for cooking.

Enjoy this savory Potato Parsley Soup recipe! Looking for more recipes with functional nutrition benefits? Follow me on Pinterest!

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  1. Posted on February 17, 2020 at 10:04 AM by LUPE PELLETIER

    I’m a big fan of potatoes! But I had to cut out potatoes because in my case they did raise my blood sugar and made managing it harder for me. At first I just cut out Russet potatoes because I read they have the highest amount of starch and lower in nutrients. Yukon Golds and Red skin potatoes are my favorites but eventually I had to give them up too. Now I make my potato-based soups with white flesh sweet potatoes. Ironic, though sweet potatoes contain more sugar they are higher in fiber and also have all of the same vitamins and minerals but don’t increase my blood sugar. And for me, that small change made me lose weight which was a very pleasant surprise. I buy gluten-free organic Tamari and I use pure organic coconut canned milk from Trader Joe’s. Instead of spinach I use Moringa powder (a green superfood) or I use sauteed green beans or a mix of both. Calciferous vegetables i.e spinach, have lots of nutrients but because I have arthritis they are a trigger for me and they cause joint pain when I eat them (due to the Oaxic acid). Just making these changes to the recipe made it “safe” for me and enjoyable for a fellow potato lover.


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