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It is esthetic and completely quiet. I absolutely love it. It can remove up to 97% of viruses from the air, preventing spread of infections and based on recent research, it now claims it is superior to HEPA filters, and I am not surprised. I have had 4 of them for years and my breathing problems improved very noticeably within the very first 24 hours of using just one. My filters would very dirty, including black soot probably from the car exhaust, and a thick layer of dust. You wash off and dry the collector as needed, so you do not have to buy new filter replacements. There are three needles at the top that are very inconspicuous – they collect matter (which then looks like a white dot sitting on each needle). There is a brush that needs to be used to brush these three white collections gently off. Otherwise, the filter will NOT be effective. I am wondering if that is what people do not know when they complain online or in reports that this filter does not work. The company does a poor job educating consumers that you have to maintain those three needles clean of that white collection for it to continue working.

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The filter is also outstanding in curbing molds from the air. Here is a study, in which within just three hours, the mold in the air in the room dropped from 48 cultures down to 5.


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